Little piece of street art found in Stockholm’s undeground that says “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights” by Jessica Hallbäck. Enjoy your day!

via Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? — STREET ART RAT

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9 Responses to From STREET ART RAT

  1. HermitCrab says:

    Clever and poignant.

  2. maedez says:

    I have a shirt with this saying on it. It’s one of my favorites. Wear it a lot.

    • That’s great. I’d wear it all the time as well:)

      • maedez says:

        I bought it a couple of years ago from Look Human, when my brother worked there in the QA department. It’s still available, in many iterations. They have a huge Internet presence and get some flack for it, but it is a company local to my city. Everything is done out of that location for what that is worth.

  3. Heartafire says:

    Love that sign, someone is too clever!!!

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