So, Colorado…

I did not realize that “Knife Rights Activists,” were working to get the ban on switchblades lifted in Colorado.  Apparently, eleven states have already repealed switchblade bans but fourteen states still have them.  Lifting the ban would allow gravity knives (a knife that can be flung open with one hand), to be carried as well.  One of the arguments activists are using is that in dangerous situations, such as climbing, at work, anywhere where a knife could save your life, or in some way help a person out, a switchblade can be opened with one hand, where as regular blades need two.

Chicago Trib
Associated Press
James Anderson

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2 Responses to So, Colorado…

  1. Resa says:

    SIGH!!! What is wrong with hearts and minds… on all sides … on any issue?
    Society seems, f*&@#$ to me.
    I feel like digging a hole in a cave.

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