Not my president…took a shot at Chicago….GRRRRRR!


Not my president, using the words of someone else who actually said them, threatened to send Feds to Chicago.   He doesn’t see why we have so much violence.  We have more murders than NY and CA combined, he said and if we can’t clean up our mess, he will send the Feds in to do it for us.  No discussion, no questions just threats from a big moronic bully.  But this is CHICAGO, not a tiny town somewhere.  We don’t like being threatened, especially by a coward.

The fact that the Feds are already here is something that seems to have escaped his notice, but that’s not really surprising, since he actually doesn’t KNOW ANYTHING at all. Not my president has no clue, as to what’s going on in Chicago.  We need MONEY, jobs, education, health care, good housing and a bridge from police to the gangs and people who live in bad neighborhoods.

Our mayor was totally cool, even though I know he had to be grinding his teeth, I know I was.  Not my prez just likes to talk and make people think he knows what he’s talking about, even when he’s quoting someone else.  He likes to pretend that he’s “doing things” but since he has no idea what he’s saying he just looks like the idiot that he is.   He’s not that bright and I don’t think he can stop thinking about himself long enough to know what’s going on, if that’s even a possibility.

You don’t threaten Chicago.  You just DON’T.  We are a BLUE state and we aren’t afraid of much, including him.  See, the thing is, he thinks people actually listen to him and care about what he has to say.  He lives in a fantasy of his own making, not on the streets in the so-called real world.  He has no experience being a real person.  He’s a spoiled brat and a bully. YOU DON’T THREATEN OUR CITY. He is a pretend person with an extremely large mouth, out of which comes nothing but the words of other people and lies.  He hit Chicago.  What ann incredibly stupid thing to do.  But I guess that’s to be expected from a incredibly stupid man.

There was a fabulous cartoon in the Trib on this issue.  I wish I could post it but I don’t know about the copyright issue.


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18 Responses to Not my president…took a shot at Chicago….GRRRRRR!

  1. Yeah. Not my President. My President is not a chronicle, pathological liar. My President is not thin-skinned, petty and ignorant. My President would know the murder rates are down, and my President would know that the FBI already has a presence in one of America’s major cities.

    What a delusional, self-aggrandizing meat bag he is.

  2. Heartafire says:

    Sending on the Feds is the first step to policing and soon his own police (visions of the Gestapo ) by any other name is likely on his agenda. He can be stopped. If our elected representatives will step up.

    • Agree. He is militarizing things right from the start. Actually, I found out that our mayor said that trump should focus on what he can do for people, jobs and for the country, instead worrying about the size of the crowd at his inauguration and that’s why he went after Chicago. He’s vindictive and a bully.

  3. His followers…people in white hood KKK and others holding their hands/arms up to the new Hitler. I just don’t get it.

  4. Gigi, you know my feelings about not my president. He has no business being the president, and should have been prevented from running for the job. I could go on….but

    • I’m with you 100% Your blog is great and I appreciate it very much. All the quotes from past presidents warned us that this could happen yet they did absolutely nothing to prevent it. No laws to stop it. They failed to protect our country, and her people, from what is happening and from what is going to happen.

  5. The press is owned and can only do so much. But if we had a free press, you’re right, they could have sent up warning flags.

  6. Resa says:

    I am freaked out, to say the best.
    We had a terrorist attack in Canada! It was a Christian killing Muslims.
    The killer listed trump as an influence.

  7. Seems as if they are all there, doesn’t it?

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