A doctor in Hawaii wants homelessness to be considered a legal medical condition.  If it happens he can write a prescriptions for the cure, which is housing.  He would like to redirect some of Hawaii’s two billion annual Medicaid budget to pay for housing.   National homelessness experts don’t know of any other states that are trying to say that homelessness is a medical condition.  However, other states, including NY and Texas, have found ways to use Medicaid money to help people stay in housing.  No one can use Medicaid to actually pay for rent, at least so far.

Chicago Trib
Associated Press
Cathy ussewitz


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2 Responses to Hawaii…

  1. Heartafire says:

    Medical conditions often lead to homelessness. Homelessness leads to very serious medical conditions. We have made se progress regarding helping the homeless in Fl. Despite Gov Scott, (R) who rejected federal funds for Medicaid wants to bring back a ban on abortion while defunding planned parenthood. Another example of caring for the fetus but not the child. Hypocrite.

  2. Hypocrites, one and all. I always thought that we should sue the government for pollution and violence since those harm children. Factories belching out terrible things and poisoning our water, but there’s MONEY involved so they can make our children SICK because of greed. HYPOCRITES.

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