Sandee and Marcy are in charge of the Welcoming Committee…


Sandee and Marcy are working closely with the invitation committee, trying to coordinate colors and designs for the entrance to the party.  The invitations will be sent out on Monday.  The decorating committee has been hanging hearts and other Valentine’s Day goodies all over the party room.  The stage crew has been exceptionally busy and the chicklets can hardly wait to see what they are making.  Things are moving along nicely, although one of the chicklets asked me if the, ‘not my president,’ was going to deport them. I explained that they live in a pocket reality and he can’t touch them there, but she just looked at me and said, “I hope you’re right.”

Valentine’s Day t-shirts  and costumes are almost finished. The third batch of heart cookies will be made tomorrow, but the hens are putting them in the freezer and guarding them, since the chicklets eat them every time they make them.  Tommy told the others he knows how to get into the freezer, all he needs is a diversion, to get the hen out of the kitchen.

Several groups went out two nights ago and rescued chickens, chicklets, eggs, pigs, three goats, a horse and two dogs.  All are doing as well as can be expected.  The hens are working around the clock and the hospital is almost full.  The chicklets have been reading to the new guests and the Warming Bunnies have been on the job from the beginning. Many of the newcomers should be well enough to attend the Valentine’s Day party.  One of the piglets finally opened his eyes.  He was too afraid to look, when he arrived but he heard sweet words and low chuckles, so he took a chance.  Two of the bunnies are cuddling him and he seems to be doing much better.  He ate some corn and a slice of bread.  He also ate two of the chicklet’s pancakes, so everyone was happy about that.

New songs are being written for the celebration and the film committee is preparing a slide show for everyone. There’s always a Poetry Slam, of course, and there is going to be a craft table for the wee chicklets.  The playlist will include love songs and there will be an open mic for budding writers.   I’ll keep you posted as the countdown begins.


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2 Responses to Sandee and Marcy are in charge of the Welcoming Committee…

  1. Heartafire says:

    I want to live in a pocket world! I will be waiting at the mailbox for my invite. ❣️

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