Okay, so…Once Upon a Time…

‘He Who Must Not be Named,” (Not my President), wanted to control the magical community (America).   He wanted to control those who had magic and those who used it. He wanted to get rid of FREEDOM and force others to live HIS WAY ONLY.  He wanted to get rid of those half-bloods (immigrants), and make society, and the PURE BLOODS, GREAT AGAIN.  He didn’t care who he hurt or killed, he just wanted power, control over others and HIS OWN WAY.  He believed THAT HE KNEW MORE ABOUT EVERYTHING, than anyone else, even though he had no common sense, or vision.  He was hated by many and his band of motley, clueless, followers (the Death Eaters/Republicans), were unable to see that he cared nothing for them but simply used them to reach his goal.  They were disposable, they were cannon-fodder.  Unfortunately, Voldemort and the Death Eaters are alive and well and living in Washington, DC.

Not my President IS Voldemort.  He is destruction and hate rolled into one.  Demanding, childish beyond belief, narcissistic,  prone to temper tantrums, and idiotic.  His followers are the same way and never seem to catch on to the fact that he despises them and thinks they are a joke.

It took Griffindor’s bravery, daring and nerve, along with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw’s help to bring Voldemort down for good. Slytherins, the bullies, liars, thieves and COWARDS, were sent away to hide and snivel at the feet of the Icky One.

Like Voldemort, Not my President is vain, conceited and narcissistic.  Voldemort and Not my President care only for themselves.  Both make new laws to suit their own purposes. They arrest those they want to get rid of and do as they please, using their power to harm and destroy.  Both are fanatical and ruthless, as are their disgusting minions.

The Harry Potter novels are a mirror image of what’s happening in this country today.  The books show that hardworking, patient, loyal (Hufflepuff), must join with intelligent, knowledgable, witty (Ravenclaw), and work with brave, daring, and chivalrous (Gryffindor’s).  Working together, the three Houses brought down the tyrant.  We need guts, dreamers, artists, cleverness, intelligence and daring to take back our country.

Harry, Hermione and Ron, showed us that it wasn’t easy but in the end, with the backing of others, they succeeded.  The adults fought side by side with their students and children. It was a fight to the death and Molly Weasley, a kind and loving mother, fought tooth and nail to protect her daughter and the others.

See, the thing is.  Harry never wanted anything for HIMSELF.  That’s what made him a true leader.  He wanted others to be happy.  He wanted equality, never caring what bloodline anyone had.  He wanted justice and fair play.  Harry was all about life, peace, acceptance, diversity and laughter.  At the end, he threw away complete power over everything and everyone.  He didn’t want it and he knew it was too dangerous for anyone else to have.  He wanted an equal playing field.

Voldemort and Not my President are greedy and want everything for themselves.  They are hateful and power hungry.  They are for war, violence, GREED, ignorance, rage, fits of anger, CONTROL and bullying.  They make laws that allow them to have their own way, no matter if it is unconstitutional or unfair.

Like 1984…we need to wake up and see the clues around us.   Harry’s there to show us what many refuse to see.  The fight is on.

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7 Responses to Okay, so…Once Upon a Time…

  1. maggie0019 says:

    this brought a tear or two. so true.

    • It’s so true. And Liz, I CAN’T STAND THIS CONSTANT DARKNESS!!!! You must be going crazy as well. OMG Day after day. Too much. Thank you again for liking the story. ❤

      • maggie0019 says:

        I’ve resorted to going to get a tan 2x a week. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me sane. Unhealthy, yes (I don’t go too much and not for a long time) but so is the alternative. I feel like I’m in “The Shining”

  2. I do believe that we have fallen down the rabbit hole. There was a fence around the opening topside but no matter. Such a significant number of lemmings ignored the forbidding signs and chose to follow madness. Every day I am shocked further. This is not a nice fairy tale.

    • It certainly is not a nice fairy tale! It’s a nightmare and horror story wrapped into one. He is insane and DUMB and his henchmen are running the show and they are just evil.

      • Yes….a horror story which I have a difficult time accepting as my reality. It really is happening in this country where many voted the ok to unleash this madman and back him with so much power to strip our country of all that it represents. A really bad dream.

  3. He’s so uneducated and out-of-touch with reality. Deadly traits.

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