The War Against Women…the MALE voices of hate, fanaticism, evil and control…none of these men will ever need an abortion…EVER


John McCain (GAG)


I have fought for decades to defend the rights of all
human life….

(Except for the lives of women oh, and soldiers in wars for profit
and hungry kids, and battered women.)


We know if another liberal is nominated to the
Court that even the reasonable restriction on abortion…
these would be swept away.

(Reasonable?  How is it reasonable for anyone
to tell ANYONE what to do with their own body?)

Mitch McConnell (GAG)

It is time for America to join the ranks
of most other developed nations around
the world and restrict abortion.

(What other developed nations is he talking about?)



(Funny, I feel the same way about him.)


“…government has no higher purpose,” than
fighting to outlaw abortion.

(Did you know that that was the governments highest purpose?
So, the government’s highest purpose is to control what women
do with their own bodies.  Who knew? Is that why we have wars?
Is that why we pay taxes and talk to other countries?  If our highest
purpose is to police women why do we do all that other stuff??  The
government actually has no right to a women’s body
for ANY reason but these idiots don’t seem to GET THAT)

Paul Ryan (GAG AGAIN)

bragged, “never going
to not vote pro-life.:

(Pro war, yes, pro hate, yes, pro poverty, yes,
all the other evils of the world  but freedom, uh
that would be no, he won’t vote for that, AND seriously
he really can’t speak all that well either)


And lastly, the narcissist speaks:

trump (barf)

Planned Parenthood “is like an abortion factory,

Well, that sounds like something kids used to say when they wanted
to take their ball and go home, after not winning a game.  I
would say, “He wants to take his ball and go home but
we all know he doesn’t have any.  Just like the statue says.

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42 Responses to The War Against Women…the MALE voices of hate, fanaticism, evil and control…none of these men will ever need an abortion…EVER

  1. moonmaenad says:

    Each of these bastards are unassailable justification for abortion rights in the first place!!!!

  2. Heartafire says:

    The really disgusting part is that each of these men want to defund planned parenthood which in addition to offering contraceptive information provides proactive healthcare for woman who can’t afford it, mammograms, Pap test , etc. these same people would do away with Medicaid because once that baby is born they could care less what happens to it. They would abolish food stamps for the poor and that includes these baby’s born to women who cannot care for them . They don’t want to know about any of this. These insurance cos refuse to cover birth control under the guise of religious beliefs yet they will pay for Viagra. They sicken me.

    • Absolutely true. They are the worst kind of power hungry politicians ever. Everything you said is on target. They only care about their fanatical beliefs and controlling women. It’s sickening, I agree.

    • moonmaenad says:

      It puts the prejudice and misogyny of patriarchy clearly on display

    • When we were defending clinics, the pro-lifers would put crazy glue in the locks at clinics so women with cancer and other health problems couldn’t be seen. They have bombed clinics, killed and maimed people, barricaded the driveways of doctors, because they are filled with hatred and they are fanatics. Insane fanatics. They scream and spit flies out of their mouths, their faces bunched up and they are ugly and filled with rage that anyone would do something they didn’t like. Crazy, reallllly crazy. They actually KILL people because they want to protect life.

      • moonmaenad says:

        Yup, the mindless hypocrisy is mind boggling!! Yeh..they care about life, as long as it’s unborn..once it gets here, all bets r off and ur in ur own..I hate this foolishness so much cuz I just don’t comprehend how stupid and disconnected one must be to not see that they r the ones who r anti-life..they’re the ones with no respect for the living..they r always the ones who support foreign wars and occupations too

      • Heartafire says:

        Yes, the very people “defending” life, bully, maim, deprive medical assistance, bomb, anything to have their beliefs shoved down the throats of what they in the name of religion believe is right for them an therefore everyone.

  3. If they really cared about those babies moms don’t want, they would have a waiting list of families offering to support the children throughout their lives, not adopt or take, but to SUPPORT those kids. As for being pro-life, really they are pro-poverty because they are advocating an underclass. Rich women will be able to get whatever treatment they want, they always have. It’s poor women who won’t be able to get healthcare, contraception or good advice. And they will be the ones who get backdoor abortions because they can’t afford to raise the baby. Eliminating Roe v Wade is PRO-DEATH not pro-life.

    • Completely true. Pro Death and rich women have flown to Paris, or wherever they like to get abortions and proper care. They always get what they want, it’s the poor, ss you say, who suffer. We have to stop them. I hope the ACLU is gearing up for the fight.

      • My dad thinks they plan to pass legislation that a fetus is a human with rights from conception forward, using that to undercut the legality of any and all abortions. I asked him what the plan was for supporting forced-birth babies, should the mothers not be able to. He was silent on that small matter. Who will compensate the mothers for the permanent changes to their bodies? Who will provide love, affection and support to babies whose mother’s aren’t old enough, wealthy enough or capable? What about babies conceived in rape? Or where the life of the mother is at risk? At the same time, they are talking about eliminating welfare and healthcare and they don’t have a plan for refunding social security and medicaid after they’ve diverted the funds and spent them.

  4. Wonderful points and all problems that we are going to have to face. It’s almost too terrible to imagine.

  5. moonmaenad says:

    It’s totally insane!

  6. moonmaenad says:

    These assholes want women imprisoned by poverty and childbirth like so many decades’s difficult to resist taking a gun and aborting their miserable, selfish, hatefully prejudice lives

  7. They do indeed. We were warned.

  8. Bel says:

    I love the way you wrote this…I may have to borrow some of your lines to prove my own point when I get in a heated debate over this…Thank you!

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