Okay, so…

Here’s the thing…you CAN’T convince me that racism, sexism, war, violence and poverty are good things.  You could talk to me for the rest of my life but you won’t change my mind because to me those things are bad, immoral, destructive and do nothing to promote peace, harmony and a sense of community or trust and I believe that THOSE things are good things.

The people who DO believe racism, sexism, war, violence and poverty, feel that those things are good and that’s the kind of world they want to live in.  I could talk to them for the rest of their lives but  those are the things they want to keep in place.  They want to discriminate and destroy.   They believe in INEQUALITY, destruction and hatred  just as strongly as I don’t.

There is NO possible way to discuss these issues.  There is  NO WAY TO COMPROMISE on them and there is NO way for the country to come together. The divison between US and THEM is too wide.  THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.  

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