America…the Twilight Zone Continues



da da da da    da da da da    Once there was a country, a nice country, a country that was eventually taken over by visitors from a dimension of fanaticism, hatred and ignorance…the country, then divided hen fell into the Twilight Zone of Horror…Welcome to the Zone…

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4 Responses to America…the Twilight Zone Continues

  1. lisakunk says:

    Thanks. Now I’ll be da da da daing all day. Catchy little tune.

  2. Heartafire says:

    Here in the zone we have been advised that the wall is going up at taxpayer expense (billions, don’t worry about the starving children in the zone) and the zone will be Reimbursed by Mexico. At a later date based on “what’s happening” with Mexico here (nevermind that the Mexican prez told the zone to kiss his posterior). The Emperor has no clothes in the zone folks.

    • OMG. Someone said the wall should be made out of the naked trump statues and that would insure that no one would WANT to come to the states and it would cheaper and more honest. He’s such a horrific and disgusting person.

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