Quote from Gloria Steinem…


No one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.  Women die when laws restrict their right to choose…see, that’s the thing…women are PUNISHED for having sex, men are not. Women will always get abortions, but the anti choice people, want women to die in back alley abortions because they think that’s what they deserve.  We will fight back.  We are on fire, we are enraged, we are royally pissed off.  We are not gonna sit back and take it.  It should be ILLEGAL for men to pass laws that have anything to do with our bodies, unless, WE CAN PASS LAWS SAYING WHAT WE CAN DO WITH THEIRS.  I have several ideas already, believe me.

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18 Responses to Quote from Gloria Steinem…

  1. We should have dick inspectors for men, to you know, make sure they aren’t having sex for pleasure only procreation!

  2. moonmaenad says:

    Like castration of male predators/rapists, such as…CHUMP CHANGE!!!

  3. moonmaenad says:

    There’s a few typos in the above–I hope u can understand by context..

  4. moonmaenad says:

    I’m still waking up..sorry

  5. Resa says:

    Draconian come from the as*@!&^ named draco, 7thCentury BC
    Trumponian will come from the as*@!&^ named trump, 21st century AD.

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