Stream of consciousness…

I don’t believe life is real but the video is so good we get lost inside the game and forget that we’re just players playing a part and that none of it matters but it feels so good and it hurts and elates and crushes and it’s constantly being born and dying all at the same time and while we feel something is lacking and we search for clarity we make things up pretending to be safe when our only enemy is ourselves while death is the true exit and the neon sign is always lit over the doorway to home or to whatever’s waiting for us and when some are ready they take pills pick up guns jump from windows or roofs because they can’t take the pressure of being here and they’re tired of struggling tired of people dying around them tired of fighting the never ending ugliness of others that block out the inherent beauty of the place just wanting the pain to stop the release tempting and freeing like falling in love only falling into death as it reaches out with comforting hands cushioning our arrival blocking out the greed and inequity the constant noise of suffering and joy floating in the never reaches knowing it’s over at least this time but already hoping that our next life will be better makes us forget the virtual reality that is the human experience we just left and that plants a new mangled seed in our soul along with a growing excitement for a return ticket to the game of violence and passion as well as a ride on the out of control rollercoaster that’s called living

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  1. moonmaenad says:

    I enjoyed savoring this..A tantalizingly intriguing yet nihilistic journey thru ur virtual reality…I agree with much of what u have expressed here-luckily I don’t believe in reincarnation..whew, that’s a mess I can’t digest..I have no desire for a redo..I think u get this little road trip then it’s back in the arms of she who made us..or our spirit envisions the road trip and we’re already snug in Her bosom..but that’s an existential tedium I really don’t have time for anymore. I take many things on faith now…never blind faith tho..

    • Know exactly what you mean. Don’t know if it’s true or not, we can’t possibly know what happens next. I think we come back because there are too many red flags that point to it. But again, can’t know. If we do, I’m positive we can’t remember what it was like here and that’s why we’re either bored enough to do it again or we just can’t remember what it’s like. If you’re right, then this is it. Either way, it will be whatever it is, so no worries.

  2. There was/is a show (and a novel) called ‘Red Dwarf’. I’m talking about the Brit SFcom. One episode was called ‘Better Than Life’, and it was about just this premise.


  3. I looked it up and the series is for sale on Amazon. Will search for more later.

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