Art and the philosophy of life

Morning Star…5

“I need to know how much you’re going to pay me.”

“Pay you?  For what?” asked Lucifer.

“I’m your personal secretary.  I have a job title and I should be paid.”

“I just treated you to lunch and you haven’t done anything but eat and ask questions.”

“It doesn’t matter what I actually do, it only matters that you hired me and I have a job description.”

“Who told you that?”

“Duh!  Everyone knows that.”

“How much do you want?”

“A thousand dollars an hour.”

“You’re gonna have to look for a new job, cutie.”

“You can’t call me ‘cutie,’ that sexual harassment, and I’m willing to take seven dollars and fifty cents, instead of a thousand.”

“Seems reasonable.”

“My dad said it never hurts to ask.”

“He’s right, at least some of the time.”

“Do you want me to write any letters?”


Zip shrugged.  “How should I know?  Do you have friends, business associates?  Family?”

“Not really.  I mean I have them, I just don’t want to write to them.  They really don’t want to hear from either.”

“Well, what do you want me to do, for the seven and a half dollars an hour?”

“You can walk with me.”

“Walk where?”

“Just walk.  That way I can help people who need help.”

“Okay, but I have to be home for dinner.  It’s our cat’s birthday and we’re celebrating.  You’re welcome to join us.”

“How do you celebrate a cat’s birthday?

“We sing to her and give her new catnip mice and feathers on a string.  I made a new blanket for her and my mom bought vanilla ice cream, since that’s her favorite.  We got her a couple bags of the treats she loves and we all kiss her and hug her until she goes insane and we have to let her go.”

“Sounds wonderful.  I’d love to be there.”

“I’ll call my mom and tell her I’m bring a guest.”

“Do you invite other cats?”

“No.  We tried that once but the cats tried to kill each other. One of them ran up the drapes in the living room and shredded them on the way down.”

“I see.  Obviously, you wouldn’t want that to happen again.”

“Obviously.  Although, my mom was happy that she could finally get new drapes.”

“Ah, the silver lining.”

Lucifer watched Zip, while she talked to her mother.  He couldn’t help but smile, her light was so very bright.  She was beautiful in the way some young humans can be, before life shows them too much.

“My mom said she’s looking forward of having a devil of a time meeting you.”

“You told her my name.”

“Why else would she say that?”

“I like her already.”




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