Lucy…19 Tomorrow is the last chapter…

Michael stood, holding the bag of books and the bag of bread.  The bread smelled delicious, so he opened the white bread and took the heel out of the bag.  He sighed.  It was perfect, crusty on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside.  Lucy was right, best bread ever.

“You the guy bothering Lucy?” said a teenage boy.

“No, I’m not.”

“I think you are,” said the kid.

“You’re wrong.  I’m just waiting for someone.”

“Who you waitin’ for?”

“Not your concern, young man,” said Michael, stiffly.

“Who you calling a young man?”

“You, since you’re the only one here and you’re the one I’m speaking to.”

“You think you’re funny?” asked the kid, stepping closer.

“Most people are funny now and then, so, yes, I think I’m funny.”

“What’s in the bags?”

“Nothing you’d want, unless you’d like a slice of bread.  The white is delicious.”

Lucy came out of the bakery, a smile on her face.  “Oh, I see you’ve met Billy.  Hi Love, how’s you sister.”

“She’s doing a lot better, since you gave her the puppy,” said Billy, suddenly shy.

“This box of cookies is for you and your sister,” said Lucy, taking a box out of the crisp white bag.   “I was going to drop them off on the way home, but you saved me a trip,” she said hugging him tightly.

“Thanks Lucy.  Kat will love them.”

“I made sure there are lots of snowballs in there, since they’re your favorites.”

“Marry me. Please,” said Billy.

“Maybe later,” she laughed.  “See you on christmas.”

“I won’t stop askin’ til you say yes,” he said, waving.

“Okay, I feel as if I’m in a sappy black and white holiday movie and it’s starting to get to me.  You do know that Josie isn’t human right?  And what’s with the mob affiliated bread maker and the weird street kid?  He has a switchblade and he wanted to cut me.  They all want to hurt me, but I don’t know what I’ve done.”

“Don’t worry about it.” said Lucy, pulling a slice of bread out of one of the bags.

“It’s too strange to be ignored.”

“Like the angels in the bistro?”

“Yes, like that.  But I told you about them because you had a lot of questions.”

“I can tell you about this, but I don’t think you’ll like what I have to say.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just what I said.  There is a reason that things are the way they are but you might not like the reason.”

“How do you know? Has this happened before?”

“Once or twice,” said Lucy.




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3 Responses to Lucy…19 Tomorrow is the last chapter…

  1. so many questions…and i’m not digging the idea that tomorrow is the Final chapter….

  2. or the next one anyway…lol

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