Michael leaned across the counter, “I won’t hurt her,” he whispered.

“If you do, I’ll come after you,” smiled Josie, nastily.  “And that’s not something you’re gonna want me to do.”

“We’re just having fun and I like it here.”

“I’ve heard that before,” said Josie.

“Really?  From who?” asked Michael, surprised.  “And your a demon, so you’re not supposed to be here either.”

Josie hissed at him.  “My kind were here before you were even a whisper in the dark sky.”

“Add this to my bill,” said Lucy, putting a couple of magazines on top of the books. Oh, and this, she laughed, adding a stuffed penguin to the mix.  “I’m naming him Dresden, after a wizard who lives in Chicago and can I have a sucker, please?” asked Lucy.

Josie dug through the sucker jar, pulled out a red one and handed it to Lucy.  She gave Michael a blue one.  “No one likes the blue one’s she said, glaring at him.”

“Lots of others are watching you guys.  Some of them are bad,” said Michael, staring at Josie, “but some are good, while others are neutral.  Most don’t care about you at all, so they don’t come here.  Your government knows all about aliens but won’t tell you.  They don’t tell you anything.  You pay them to treat you’re like a bunch of servants. Why do you let them lie to you all the time?  Any of us can do anything we want to do to this place because you don’t have a clue about what’s going on around you.  Do you have any books that can tell you the truth?  NO, you do not, because the people who know the truth, don’t want YOU to know the truth.  Can I have another sucker.  Orange, please.”

“First of all,” said Lucy, “who decides what’s good or bad?  Second, we all hate the government, well most of us, anyway.  Third, I was going to cook for the party but I think I’ll just order a bunch of pizza’s.  Our government hates us,” said Lucy, turning to Michael. “They are greedy, elitists, who are only interested in promoting themselves and making more money, while they gather power.  They are pretty much trying to destroy the masses but none of us are sure what to do about it.”

“Revolution comes to mind,” said Michael.

“Do we have any books on how to overthrow the government, or how to bring them down?” asked Lucy.

“What do you think?” sighed Josie.  “Who do you think controls the presses?  Who do you think owns the publishing companies and the entire media?  Of course we don’t have anything that will teach us how to fight them.  I have books by philosophers that tell the truth, but they aren’t big sellers because people don’t even know what questions to ask and besides, many don’t want to know the truth.  Go on line, that’s where people are publishing their own stuff.”

“What do you think about the pizza idea?” asked Lucy.

“I don’t think you should have them over at all,” answered Josie.  “What about the books?”


Josie left the counter to grab a couple books.

“It won’t do any good,” said Michael.  “They’re too powerful.  You waited too long and even if you try and hit them, they have all the guns.”

“Maybe we’ll have angels on our side,” said Lucy, smiling at him and envisioning an army of gigantic angels in pale pink and yellow, sherbet green and lilac, getting rid of the government in no time at all.

“We don’t usually take sides,” said Michael, thoughtfully.  “But no one has ever asked us for help, I mean real, physical help.  Maybe we could do something to change things. Besides, we love to fight, and think of all the hearts we could have, without hurting any nice people.”

“Works for me,” smiled Lucy.  “Seriously, it does.”

“I think pizza’s a good idea but you’ll need a lot of them.”





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