OKAY, SO… 3 pictures

First of all, I’m furious that I can’t type any larger than this.  Really, how can I possibly yell and rant in tiny print. Arggggggg!

Okay, on to why I’m actually writing this….

One of the huge problem I see with the NEVER ENDING CIRCLE OF ENDLESS REPETITION, with regard to our PROBLEMS as a society is:  People who use the resources that some have fought, JUST USE THE LAWS AND RESOURCES BUT NEVER GIVE ANYTHING BACK.  Women have safe abortions and they don’t suffer and DIE, because other women are willing to work to get laws passed, other women are willing to defend clinics, to get arrested and spend their lives in the street, SO THOSE WOMEN WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING,  CAN BE SAFE.  They don’t CARE, or seem to understand that OTHER PEOPLE GOT THE LAW PASSED SO THEY COULD DO THAT, SO THEIR DAUGHTERS AND SISTERS AND FRIENDS AND EVERY OTHER WOMAN COULD MAKE THAT CHOICE AND NOT PAY FOR IT IN PHYSICAL DAMAGE OR DEATH.

Women go to college without ever thinking about what their foremothers did to MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO GET AN EDUCATION!

No one seems to realize that these things didn’t happen because of fairness, or because MEN decided to LET US HAVE the vote (because EVERYTHING IS UP TO THEM). GENERATIONS OF WOMEN FOUGHT SO THAT WE COULD VOTE, OWN PROPERTY, KEEP OUR CHILDREN, HAVE BIRTH CONTROL, INHERIT FROM PARENTS, AND ALL THE REST.

But a lot of women just use those things, take them for granted.  Women who use those resources don’t fight for education, don’t fight to keep abortion safe, they don’t do much of anything.


Maybe it’s me.  Debbie said she’s done.  She said no one cares, they just use stuff and walk away.  She said she’s finished fighting for other people.  So, she’s out of it.  She’s right. Maybe it is all pointless.  It never really ends, and she hates that, we all do.  She said we just keep fighting for the same things all the time and the violence never ends and they keep going after R v Wade and we just spent most of our lives working for nothing.

The first t-shirt below is from a rally at Daley Plaza from 1989.  I have shirts older than that.  She’s right.  What’s the point.  If all the women who had abortions, or cared about the health of OTHER WOMEN, were in the street fighting back, maybe they would stop kicking us around.  Maybe we would be a force big enough to do something.  But it’s not going to happen.  Debbie’s right.  Not enough women care.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of always
fighting the same monsters, while so many other people just take advantage of everyone else’s work.  We can’t keep doing this.  It’s too stupid.  Constantly swimming, just to stay in place but never getting anywhere.

I never stop getting t-shirts and buttons.  For most of my life I never wore normal clothing, just t-shirts trying to get the ERA passed (that’s the t-shirt I wore to Debbie’s graduation from high school), for choice, for animals, for everything and now we have an imbecile in the white house and henchmen at his side.  Native American’s are being brutally attacked by the police, while trying to save their sacred land.  We are headed into a period of insanity led by a Narcissistic moron.

The march in Washington will be huge.  So will some of the other one’s around the country and then they will be over and a few will keep fighting.  I’ve been to a lot of those huge marches in DC.  They are energizing and make you believe that you have a chance.  In reality,  you need money and power to have a chance.  The bad guys have all the money, all the power and all the guns.  Women don’t have any of those things.

Well, women have been having safe abortions and if they are taken away, they will still be having abortions they just won’t be safe ones.  A lot of restrictions will be handed down by the idiots in DC now.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m tired of all of it.  I’m tired of finding t-shirts everywhere and I have boxes of buttons that didn’t make a real difference either.  Although animal testing at colleges and other places has all but disappeared.  People still wear fur, and animals are tortured, terrorized and slaughtered EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY, so they can be eaten and worn.  Most people do care about that either.  Animals are still used for entertainment, so we didn’t end that either.  I have lots of those t-shirts and buttons, as well.

Women are still underpaid.  Women of color are grossly underpaid.  Women in government is a joke.  There is no such thing as equality and poverty will never end because it’s don’t on purpose.   It’s ALL done on purpose.  Minimum wage can’t keep anyone alive. Many seniors are poor and have no hope of living comfortably through their final years.

The VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is escalating and that will never end either.  Rape on campus, in neighborhoods, from family members and neighbors, just goes on and on and on, always restricting a woman’s movements and destroying their lives.  And nothing actually keeps us safe.  The judge, who let the father who constantly raped his 12 year old daughter go, was allowed to retired without punishment.

Sometime I wonder what my life would have been like if I had let everyone else do all of that stuff and I just sat back and took advantage of their work.  I can’t imagine that kind of life, but I bet it would have been less hectic.  I wouldn’t have gotten arrested, and I wouldn’t have gotten my kids arrested either.  I wouldn’t have been working to get candidates into office and freezing half to death handing out leaflets, standing in the middle of busy streets, handing out more things, always demonstrating, writing and for what?  That’s the thing…for what?  I’m starting not to care about anything.  It’s all so pointless.  I’m supposed to go to another meeting for the Chicago march, but really, why?  The system, which has all the power, will always win.  I think Deb is right.  It’s time to let it all go.  Women don’t care enough to be counted and men will never stop hating women as a group.

img_7914 img_7915 img_7920

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7 Responses to OKAY, SO… 3 pictures

  1. moonmaenad says:

    Awwww..I get ya…and after this election ivfelt the same way..I wanted to just give up cuz it dies seem like we keep fighting for the same things over and over and the same, and lately WORSE assholes keep taking back their oppressive and abusive power..and some lazy and apparently self-loathing women continue helping them,but,after a few days, I just get totally pissed off and think, “I’ll be damned if I’ll allow it again without one hell-of-a- fight!! Yes, even if it means we donut over and over again–ESPECIALLY IF WE HAVE TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! To see the smug and patronizing look from these silly, pathetic men and the disdainful and often apathetic look from “their” women just lights my raging fire again. NO, maybe these misogynistic women don’t deserve liberation, nor respect nor the right to decide their own destiny, but there r millions of others who scratch and claw and bleed and fight and refuse to be subjugated or dismissed like they’ve less than human…it is for these women– young, middle aged, and elderly–that I’m fighting, and for their children and children’s children…and yes even the ones who haven’t yet, but may some day soon awake and embrace the freedom and independence they too deserve. And to be truthful, I’m a rebel by nature, I thrive on a good fight and those who stand in my way…well, they don’t want to see me when I’m angry…and I never give up, nor give in–cuz my family of sisters r so very precious and lovely and the very finest, strongest, most brilliant
    diamonds ever created–how can I be anything less??

  2. moonmaenad says:

    Yes..we do..tho it would be tempting to do some “shape shifting”, it’s also great for healing too..

  3. Resa says:

    SIGH!!! I know how you feel. Nonetheless, the beat goes on, and we shouldn’t give up, even if we feel tired and have to take a rest. It really is exhausting at times. Trumpism seems to want to get a foothold up here. Our countries are very, very far apart right now.
    The planet is over-crowded, and there’s no where to go to live and let live.

    • Everything will play itself out, that’s for sure. There’s really little we can do, it’s like a landslide off a mountain, no matter how many people are standing at the bottom to catch the rocks, you can’t stop the rocks from falling.

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