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See, here’s the thing…  women will always get abortions.  In a nonsexist society…in a society based on freedom and not on someone’s religious beliefs, a woman would be able to get a safe abortion and that would be it.  But in a patriarchal, religious and woman hating society, a society that wants to control women and punish them for even having sex, then women are left to back alley abortions that lead to physical harm and even death.  No one should be able to tell another person what to do with her, or his, body, especially not religious people who drag their personal beliefs into government in a country founded on a division between church and state.

Women are intelligent beings and know how to live their lives, even when oppressed and hunted, beaten, raped, terrorized, left without protection or money.  One person’s beliefs should never impinge upon the rights of another.

Because abortions are legal, that doesn’t mean anyone who doesn’t want one, has to have one.  The law doesn’t have anything to do with making religious people, (who have them all the time, by the way, I know, some of them have called me), or any people, have one. Just like gay marriage…because the law allows gay marriage that doesn’t mean that straight people have to become partners with someone of the same sex.  The laws are there to protect people and allow them to live safely and freely.  It’s only hateful, controlling people who want to punish and even, at times, kill people with whom they disagree.

What if the reverse were true?  What if abortion was mandatory, like it is in some other countries.  What if gay marriage was mandatory for one child in every family?  What if the fanatics and controlling people who want OTHER PEOPLE to live the way they want them to live, were forced to live the way the oppressed wanted THEM to live.  I bet they wouldn’t be happy.  I bet they would be screaming about their “rights” being trampled, about their beliefs being abused.  But those people think nothing of trampling and  destroying the lives of people who don’t believe the things they believe.  It’s and ugly and evil thing to do.  It’s hateful, to force your beliefs on people just because you think you can.

Our country brags about being better than that.  But it’s not.  It’s hypocritical.  Our white house s being filled with the religious right, with people who want power over others. Their hatefulness and fanatical beliefs will be seen in the repeal of hard fought for laws, and new controls and “punishments,” will be forced upon those who DISAGREE.  It’s disgusting, horrifying and wrong.

I personally find religion, a terrible and harmful thing but I wouldn’t make laws against it. Just because someone  doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.  So we will go backwards and women will suffer, the gay community will suffer, minorities will suffer and the hypocritical fanatics will do their best to reverse everything everyone has fought for, which is simply control over their own lives.  Those who can, will leave this country, others will have enough money to continue doing what they want to do and, as always, those who are most unable to survive will bear the burden of the unfair, ugly, selfish, miserable, vile people why force their wishes onto others.  It’s such a hateful and unchristian like thing to do.

Our country is broken.

Post Script:

I have a picture in my work room of a woman folded over on herself, face down, naked, bloody, and dead, having bled out after a botched abortion.  I have it there to remind myself to never stop fighting for women’s right to live.  To never let women die because there is no protection for them in a country that hates women, a country run by men and religious fanatics.  I keep it there to remind myself how my country treats women.  And now, the haters and fanatics are in the white house and women will pay the price and it begins again.

I don’t know why I see things the way I do but…just because it’s not happening to me, I still have to try and stop it FROM HAPPENING TO OTHERS.  Just because I’m not the one on the floor doesn’t mean I should just go on with my life.  Isn’t it all of our jobs to protect each other?  Well, I can’t be responsible for letting poor women bleed out while the rich get what they want.  I just can’t.  It’s so wrong to see the government DO THAT TO PEOPLE in a country that’s supposed to be based on FREEDOM.    Someone loved the dead women in the photo, she was a daughter, maybe a sister,  wife, mother, friend. America didn’t love her.  America let her die a terrible and painful death because America believed that’s what she deserved. Always remember, no men will ever be harmed or die from back alley abortions.

We should give the Statue of Liberty back to France.  We don’t deserve to have it.


This is what trump supporters voted for.


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  1. Reblogged this on IdealisticRebel's Daily View of Favorites and commented:
    This is an excellent blog. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Afrika Bohemian said:

    Thank you so much for this. In my view and based on where i live the two most dangerous things in the world are culture and religion, things that remain unchanging and static when the world evolves and changes. And yes the power of choice belongs with the individual

  3. I had a friend (many years ago). In court she was told it was her fault she was raped because she wore sexy clothes. She got a coat hanger abortion. I had a friend.

    • I’m so very sorry, Resa. So very sorry. Living in a world that hates women and doesn’t care what happens to them, many suffer and die. That’s the way it is in patriarchal cultures. I’m sorry about your friend.

      • TY, Gigi!
        How could a man… a judge …think that way
        …. I feel sick!!!
        This year, 2016, is the 100 anniversary of women voting at the provincial level in Canada. 2017 marks 100 years since military associated women have been able to vote federally in Canada. 2018 is 100 years since ALL WOMEN have been able to vote in Canada.
        Only 100 years in the history of the world.
        We have not come far enough in 100 years!
        I take that back. What it is …. is that many men have not come far enough in 100 years.
        Note: I love many men

      • A judge dropped a case because the judge said, “No one would rape you, you’re ugly.” Another many was released because the 4 year-old he raped led him on. Both of those judges were removed because women went after them with a vengeance. Rape on college campuses is epidemic. Now that trump has told the nation that it’s okay to grope females, that incest is attractive, I think women have more to fear, than ever before. Judges are men. Men hate women. They can love individual women but they hate women as a whole. A brilliant professor told me that. He was fantastic but he said it was true…and it is, that’s why we are forced to live the way we do. I’ve known and loved wonderful men, but culture teaches males that we don’t matter, it teaches them that we are prey. There’s little we can do because they have the power to write and enforce the laws they make up and those laws work for them, but not for us.

      • I am more dedicated than ever to doing what I can. Feminism is more important than ever.
        Trump was elected because he is a man.
        Any man is better than a woman.
        Many women still believe this, and voted trump.
        Women did not come out in large numbers to support Hillary.
        Correct me if I’m wrong. This is what I’ve heard/read so far.

      • Many people feel that this is Germany all over again. This time we can recognize it and, hopefully, stop it before it goes too far. It’s already begun and women and minorities need to stope it now. I agree with you, Resa. 91% of African American women voted for Hillary. And something like 70% of women without college voted for trump. But college educated women voted against Hillary too. We are trying to plan a sister march in Chicago because more people will be able to participate if there are marches closer to where they live. Fingers crossed.

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