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One of the reasons people don’t like to hear or face the truth is because they are more comfortable believing the lies.  A lot of people don’t want to have to change the things they believe.   They don’t want to  know that the things they believe, are not true.  And they certainly don’t want to change their behavior.

It’s difficult to overcome brainwashing and conditioning.  People are TAUGHT to have CLOSED minds, it’s built into the system.   Therefore, it’s almost impossible for people to SEE anything that doesn’t fit into their belief system, no matter how false that system may be.  This goes for entire cultures, not just individuals.  The thing is, everyone is being lied to and manipulated by the people in power (parents, schools, politicians, church leaders, etc.).  We are fed so many lies that the truth seems TO BE THE LIE.  That’s part of cultural brainwashing.

People would rather believe the lies.  When it was found that priests raped untold numbers of children and destroyed their lives…and that the top members of the church covered it up and paid people off to remain silent…some catholics defended the church.  And nothing has changed.  The most terrible thing imaginable has happened to thousands and thousands of children and people still go to churches and give money to the people who lied and destroyed the very youngest of their “flock.” People would rather LOOK THE OTHER WAY, than walk away from an institution/cult that does things that other people would go to jail for doing.  When a father shot and killed a karate instructor who raped his small son, the jury said he was NOT guilty because of the outrage of the crime.  But priests freely rape THOUSANDS of children and nothing is done about it.  The karate instructor is DEAD and the serial rapist priests are free to continue to raping more innocent children. People did not turn on the church.  There was no marching in the streets.  No one stopped giving money to the rapists.

If people are not interested in protecting the lives of children, if they accept serial rapist priests and continue to send their children to churches everywhere, what hope is there that people will be willing to do anything else?   How is it possible that ANYONE could ever believe anything a priest, or anyone in the church would ever tell them again?  They are proven liars on so many levels, worst, they are above the law.  Rapists who walk free, were sent from one church to another, one country to another, so they could rape more kids in new parishes and yet, people did nothing.

Things like this make me feel hopeless. The catholics in my own family did nothing, still send their kids to catholic schools.  Nothing I say makes any difference.  Nothing they know to be TRUE, makes any difference.  They give their kids and their money to liars and rapists.  The truth doesn’t matter.  If the truth about the rapist priests doesn’t matter, even if that truth continues to destroy the lives of children, the truth won’t matter for anything else.

Our government lies to us constantly, as well.  We are so used to being lied to that we don’t even listen anymore.  Lied to about why we should go to war, lied to about the government being broke, lied to about why the rich get huge tax breaks while the poor get nothing, lied to about who actually runs the country, lied to about every single thing.

When the world is fake, and you know it, it’s hard to believe in anything…hard to hope for anything.  When you see that huge and horrific issues don’t make people change at all, well…it’s all over and we don’t have to wait for the fat lady to sing.

We give our children to rapist and to war, to be destroyed mentally and physically and we do NOTHING, as a people, to stop it from continuing.  Without people the church can’t exist.  It didn’t exist in the beginning.  It was MADE UP by people who wanted money and control over others.  No people…no church.  If we refuse to send our children to war, there won’t be any wars.  If we demand that the people who start the wars, go and fight it out themselves (world wide) then there won’t BE any wars because the men who start the wars  hide, while the real fighting goes on.  We enable these people…TO DO BAD THINGS.  The way to stop rapist priests is to stop going to church, stop sending KIDS TO THEIR SCHOOLS..  The way to stop war is to stop going to fight.  We can boycott, we can change things because WE have all the power, we’ve just been led to believe that the power is in the hands of others.  It’s not.  The power is OURS.

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25 Responses to Think about it…

  1. Rising Hawk says:

    Well . . . I think you have said it all here. I don’t think anywhere near enough “we” will do anything – at all. Sad . . .

    • What good is the law if it’s only works for SOME people? I guess that’s the whole point. If you wear a costume and work for the church you can rape all you want and no consequences. The church never has consequences that’s why it does all the things it does. They don’t answer to anyone. They make it up as they go along and never have to worry about a thing. Sucks. It’s wrong and it’s evil. They don’t practice what they preach, that’s for sure.

      • Rising Hawk says:

        Nope, they don’t.

      • Don’t you wonder about that? Don’t you wonder how that is possible?

      • Rising Hawk says:

        Yes, I wonder – but not much. Institutionalized religion is one of the greatest tools of subjugation ever created. And they have the whole “if you want to be like God and go to heaven you must forgive me and turn the other cheek” thing. I repent! I’ve changed! OK, you get a pass then. Don’t do it again, though. Then it happens again. “My mortal flesh is so week, Oh please forgive me.” OK, just this last time, don’t do it again . . . over and over and over and the money keeps filling the coffers. No, I don’t wonder much

      • You’re right. I agree completely.

      • There will be consequences. In the end they have to answer to God. Maybe not in our timing our life here on earth but I believe justice will happen. Life on earth is a tiny fraction of the impending eternity in hell waiting for some. It doesn’t help the frustrations we all feel now, though…it’s hard to stand strong in the faith and find comfort in it when the ones who suffer are in front of us now. Right?

      • I think they should answer to the legal system and to other people…to the children they destroyed, to the people who trusted them. It doesn’t matter what happens after they are dead, what matters is what people learn from what happens to evil people who, in god’s name, rape and lie. The answer is nothing. That sends a message to the children who were harmed (some killed themselves) and to everyone else. And the message we get from the people who still go to church is that they don’t care what the priests are doing. It’s really sick and pathetic.

      • I do not disagree with this at all. It is a horrible problem that needs more awareness. Especially for those of us who have been abused even outside the church. My own mother looked the other way and covered it up to save the “look” of the family. Victims need a voice and protection. You posting about it is a start. It gives others who are afraid to voice themselves as well permission and encouragement to speak up. No one wants to be a one man band. Keep talking about it. It helps those of us who have been hurt feel like there is someone who cares.

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am truly sorry for the things you experienced. It was wrong and there is NO excuse for what was done. I know others who have been hurt as you were. It doesn’t matter who the rapist is, it just needs to stop. So many lives ruined, and destroyed because of this. The church is an institution that literally ADVERTISES about what it STANDS FOR and it stands for none of the things it talks about. Instead it stands for the worst and most hateful things of all. Torture, murder, stealing, lying, raping, warring, keeping secretes, greed, power mongering, controlling others, prejudice, discrimination, hatefulness, well, I could go on, but you get the idea. They are nothing they say they are. Filled with lies and yet…people keep letting them get away with all of it and keep showing up. Unbelievable.

  2. I agree with you Bling. 🙂 You always make so much sense to me! 😀

  3. Great post!! So true!!
    How long has it been going on?? It’s insane. The same old stuff happening again and again, just like the animal enslavement and abuse, that people have been trying to change for ever, but people just won’t wake up and see the truth.

  4. We start by telling our kids that Santa brings presents, the tooth fairy brings money, the Easter Bunny brings candy and then we wonder why this culture so easily accepts lies as adults…

    Earlier this year a monk put his hand up my shirt while I was crying in the church about domestic violence I had just experienced at home. Later I found out he is a known offender and wasn’t even supposed to be out alone. The church people literally told me there was no one I could talk to.

    So I dumped a jar of glitter all over the entrance to the church.

    • Well, I told my kids there was no Santa. When we were out, my son (2 years older than my daughter) said to my daughter, “Don’t listen to her. He’s sitting right there.”

      I’m so very sorry about what happened to you in that church. Nothing happens to religious rapists and molesters. NOTHING! They are above the law. They are free to destroy the lives of children (some committed suicide) and adults alike. No one stops them, they hide them and move them around until they get caught…then the move them again. If you haven’t watched the film SPOTLIGHT, be sure to watch it. Read the book as well. I’m so happy you dumped the glitter. Good for you. We all need to fight back. Churches are dangerous places, they house men who do terrible things. Yay for glitter.

  5. Kids these days! When my daughter was 3 we were at at family Easter egg hunt and she looked at everyone making a fuss, then looked at me and asked “is the Easter bunny pretend?” I said “what do you think” then had to instruct her not to tell her ten year old cousin. Not all of us believe the lies!

    Such a shame religious rapists and molesters have not been held accountable. I wish everyone could discern when someone uses a gift or mechanism of biology, psychology or spirituality to exploit the vulnerable. I wish they had the conscience, heart and courage to empathize with the victim and not with the perversion of the priest.

    I will check out Spotlight. Thanks for the tip.

    Glitter = Craft Herpes

    That stuff just won’t go away. much like the pain of the victims.

    I just love what you said: “Churches are dangerous places, they house men who do terrible things. Yay for glitter.” Made me laugh out loud.


    • I always told my kids the truth but society and the media was right in front of them. They SAW Santa and every other kid believed he was real, so my words were iffy, at best. I strongly suggest you watch SPOTLIGHT. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It’s wonderful. I don’t understand why/how people continue to go to church. Impossible for me to understand. I’ve heard so many excuses. The thing is…the same people who excuse priests/religious figures for raping THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of children, get upset if a child is raped by a gym teacher. Priest are men who are supposed to protect children, not destroy them. I don’t get how people can continue to support an institution that LIES constantly, destroys the lives of children and is responsible to TO ONE. Glitter is a wonderful idea. I might stat carrying it with me from now on. Way to go.

      • I hope I can convey this the right way..

        I was not in the Catholic Church as a Catholic- i was there as a yoga-teaching-energy-working-meditating-philosophy-loving hippie (essentially) who FELT something going on and was in complete disbelief that anything powerful could exist in that space. I was dumbfounded at how much easier my meditating practices were in the Abbey. Now, in no way am I excusing the heinous perversion of the priests and the complacent cowardice of their flock- you should know Ive spent quite a bit of time intending that God would pull these men’s scrotums out their nostrils…AND, as an outsider I did not expect the level of (what another group calls) energy work to be going on during their masses and chanting. I’ve spent years of my life learning and studying it in other circles and cultures. Other people work very hard to personally (and in groups) achieve energy stuff that seems to go on somehow. and it obviously doesn’t depend on the priests genuinely caring or being good people. It seems like a mechanism.

        Sooo.. to me… if the flock has no idea how to “heal” themselves in a certain way (as the chakra-hippie-types would) then I can see how their lack of conscience and morals would cause them to look the other way. The disgusting pervert still somehow (subconsciously?) is able to raise the energy in their life substantially and they don’t want to do any growing, changing or self discovery- so….they “just” ignore the abuse of vulnerability? You’re right, it makes so sense to someone who actually has a heart. It’s like the most disgusting crime anyone could ever commit.

        The gym teacher isn’t healing anyone or parading around as the voice of God and the bride of His son. so…no problems being angry there? People are insane.

        So that’s my two cents about it. I still can’t meditate as well as I could before the monk touched me.. he really scarred me in that sense. I’ve felt very cut off from my own spirituality, sadly.. I can’t imagine what it does to a child. I’m a grown up and I will continue to try and find what I can’t feel anymore- a child might never trust anyone again.

        Dear God, please bitch slap your priests between the molecules. Love, Lani

        I say go for the glitter. I carry a jar in the car. It was divinely inspired 😂

      • Thank you so very much for taking the time to write such a wonderful, “comment.” I appreciate it. I’m so into the glitter thing, now that you told me about it. I’m very sorry that you you don’t feel the same, since the evil one, touched you. It’s a horror and a shock to your system. So is the fact that in a male dominated society, women don’t count…what happens to them doesn’t count. They are fair game and their screams and violation are just part of life, unimportant to men in general. A truly hateful situation but then patriarchy is a hateful thing.

        Certain sites have more power than others, no question about it. Perhaps there is a Ley line under the building, or in the area. Maybe the original people were not as horrendous as the people who are there now and some of their chi rubbed off on the structure. The strength could come from any number of places and I think that repetitive chanting, praying, etc., may have an audio effect on places as well. I don’t think the universe itself has a sense of right and wrong, good or bad, and energy is energy, so there is that.

        I don’t believe that you will be the last woman to be grabbed by that horrid man. He’s free because he’s male and protected by the brotherhood of other males. It’s sick and disgusting and I’m sorry that you had that experience. You know, there are NO excused for what he did. None. It doesn’t matter if he had a bad childhood, if he’s sexually immature, if he’s just hateful, the fact that he was given the opportunity to walk freely, is the cause. The movie SPOTLIGHT is a true story. The book gives more details. When you watch the movie be sure to watch it to the very end. That’s the most shocking part. People left the theater before the scrolling started and they missed it. Thank you again.

  6. abrokenbird says:

    I know this might not hit the nail on the head , but , I would just like to posit that God actually agrees with you here , and while the situation is as quietly tolerated as it is ,He is going to tolerate it ,….. Just for the thought , if you would , read Revelations Chapter 17 ,…. This is going to happen soon , and the Pictured element in there Babylon the Great ,… see what she is described as … This is the worlds religions .. the majority of them . But look at what happens to her and why …… All those wars are included in the reason as well as the unclean and disgusting things in her cup

    • abrokenbird says:

      Hes is NOT going to tolerate it , ( TYPO correction)

    • Thank you, but you must understand that when you say. “he is going tolerate”…there is NO he for me. There is no god, so it doesn’t matter to me what others think their god might, or might not, tolerate. All the things that were written, were written for, about, and by men. We are all different and so are our beliefs. That’s what diversity is all about. I don’t even think in terms of “unclean.” Who decides what that means? It’s a terrible, prejudicial word, to me. I live in a different world than you do. 🙂 You wouldn’t change to my beliefs anymore than I would change to yours. That’s the thing. You won’t give up your belief in god because I don’t believe in him. People always want others to see it their way. LOL It doesn’t work that way. I don’t believe in what you do. Period. You don’t believe in what I do. That’s okay. We get to believe whatever we want. If you see the world the way I do, you couldn’t possibly believe in god. I’m sure you feel the same way. So, really, there’s nothing else to say.

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