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It never ends…

I just heard a story yesterday where a boy told his teacher that he got a low grade on his test because he was distracted by the girl wearing her cheerleading outfit in class. He couldn’t concentrate and SHE was the reason he failed.  They told the girl she was NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR HER CHEERLEADING OUTFIT ANY LONGER.

Apparently it was HER fault HE couldn’t concentrate and got a bad grade.  She may not have known he was even in the room but she got punished for his lack of control over himself and the school took his side against the innocent girl.  Never ends.  Never.  I’m so sick of this kind of abuse.

Why didn’t they put the idiot boy in a room by HIMSELF?  Why punish someone who had nothing to do with his failure?  That is how much women are hated in this society.  Guilty as charged and punished to protect yet another male from her very existence.

What happened is outrageous and yet, I’m guessing there won’t be an uproar.  No one may come to her aid and say that the boy is responsible for  his own thoughts and actions and should drop out of school, or be home schooled, since he’s an idiot of epic proportions.  It’s also possible that he wanted to get the girl in trouble because she didn’t look at him, or smile at him, or whatever.  That also happens all the time.  The girls are always guilty for what boys do.  I’m furious about this.  The sad thing is that other people probably won’t be.



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  1. I thought we had moved beyond this BS. When will we fall in line and stop placing the blame for men and boys who do not take responsibility for their actions, this can apply to women as well. We are ludicrous to buy such hogwash.

  2. Not only that, the cheerleader uniform is approved by the school, the school district, and the school board. If she was wearing it for a game or rally, she could not have worn anything else or she would have been kicked off the team!

  3. Peter Schreiner said:

    Yeah, I was that boy. But I would have never blamed her. Nor would I have wanted her to change into something less revealing. Nope. I would have quietly compromised the test with a shit-eating grin on my face. Hey, we were boys after all.

    • We all know how boys are. We all know what’s going on. The thing is, he DIDN’T take the hit. He BLAMED HER for his poor behavior. It’s insane and NEVER should have been an issue. No one should have even mentioned it to her. EVER! The monks used to to the same thing. It’s a horrible and vicious thing to do. The school should have told him that next time he came to class he had to sit in the front row, so he couldn’t see the other students, or else he should have gotten a tutor and stayed home alone in a room where he wouldn’t be able to get anyone else into trouble. He deserves whatever grade he got, hopefully, it was an F- and he has to take the class again, but we all know that’s not going to happen. He’ll probably be forgiven, given a second chance to take the test, and told that everyone understands. It’s pathetic.

      And, depending on the girl, I wonder how she feels. Oh, wait, no one cares how SHE feels, she’s the guilty one. If there was any justice in the world she would punch him in the face until she broke his nose, and get an award for self defense and having a backbone. But girls can never get away with beating someone, guys are the only ones who can do that without consequences. Really, one thing does lead to another. I really don’t think males can understand, even the slightest bit, what it’s like to be female. Like when I was in the hallway (married/2 kids) getting my Master’s and a guy walked up to me an said, “I’ve been watching you and the only reason I don’t rape you is because if I got caught it would kill my mother. My one brother is dead and the other one is in prison.” My next class was with that guy and he sat next to me. I had to walk through a dark parking lot to get to my car after school. He talked to me and asked questions about what he should get his wife for their anniversary, asked about questions in our class, and I talked to him because, I refused to show fear and because no one would believe me if I told them what he said and there was nothing anyone could do because he didn’t touch me physically. I couldn’t tell my husband because he would have killed him. So, there I was. Did he think I was flattered? Was he just telling me that he wouldn’t rape me so I would feel better. I never even noticed the guy before. You have no idea what it’s like being watched, followed, aware of your surroundings every second. You have no idea what it’s like to have no where to go because you live in a world where men have all the power and you have none. So things like this are symptoms of all of that. My heart’s pound right now just thinking about what I wanted to do to him, so that I never had to think about him watching me again. Or the three high school kids who tried to rape my daughter across from the school. Guys she went to school with for years. Yeah…not funny for us. Not funny at all. My husband and son went to their houses and told their mothers (who were crying hysterically) that they would kill them if they ever touched Debbie again. Being blamed for what boys do to us is sick. Girls NEVER seeing justice done is horrifying and teaches them terrible lessons about being prey and that there is no hope for righting wrongs.

      Every time something like this happens everyone thinks she did something wrong. He may even be laughing about it, that’s pretty normal too. Maybe she’s been taught to think it’s cute that she has the power to make him use her as an excuse for being stupid. Depends. Either way…it’s just one more hateful thing to add to the list.

      • Peter Schreiner said:

        I’m sorry. I honestly didn’t mean any disrespect. It was a weak attempt at humor. Forgive me, please.

        I agree, the boy was a turd, a punk. And would not have been respected by his peers in my time. I believe.

        You’re right; I don’t know what it is like to live life as a woman/girl, not totally. But I do understand, to a degree.

      • I know you didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just an ongoing thing that happens to females and it’s evil. It’s not that the guy was looking at her, it’s that she was spoken to as if what happened to HIM was HER fault. She was expected to change her behavior because of HIM. He was not asked TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL and that’s the whole point!!!!! Argggggggg! I’m furious. It seems so unimportant and that’s how the system gets away with what they do, by making it SEEM like nothing at all when, in fact, it’s a HUGE indication of how females are TREATED all the time. They do this with animals as well. Make excuses as to why they are tortured, as if they are LESS deserving of respect and kindness. It’s the exact same thing. That’s how the system works, by making those they want to use, seem as if they deserve the treatment they get.

  4. Well, I’m furious as well – just a short step from here to the dreadful things happening to women in the middle east…

    • The thing is…when boys/men do things to girls/women the males are never asked WHY they are doing what they do. People ask women why they stay with men who abuse them, they never ask the men WHY THEY ARE BEATING WOMEN. No one asked the kid what his problem was, they talked to her and she didn’t do a single thing. I was also furious about this. They had to make it illegal to ask a female who was raped, WHAT SHE WAS WEARING. No one asks the rapists WHY THEY RAPED HER. Same old, same old. It’s so blatant and yet everyone just lets it continue.

  5. (nods head wisely) Much like your human Witch Trials, I believe? The women were burned to death for being a witch if the men said they were “bewitched” with lustful thoughts? I am glad I am a dog. Woof!

    • I don’t blame you. But do keep in mind that you have a loving mom. Witches were burned if they were healers and wise women because men didn’t like what they saw as their power. They did horrible things to women because they feared them and hated them, which continues to this very day.

  6. I am not surprised. Using women for scapegoating is so common.

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