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It’s nice to hang out together, once in awhile, just be sure that you still think for yourself.

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  1. Sheep are such sweet animals!

    • They are but sometimes that’s a bad thing and they are used and abused. I hate it when they throw them on the ground and shear them. Put things in their ears and all the rest. When people act like sheep bad people take over their country…look what’s happening to us.

      • There must be a more humane way to “gather wool” Like make friends with them and gently cut the hair? Do they need to be shorn to the skin in a factory farm setting?
        I don’t need lots of sweaters, just a couple of good ones for the winter…. and a scarf. I take good care of them to minimize needing wool.

      • They have contests and just throw the sheep down. I don’t think they care about them at all. Poor things. Some of them have to wear coats because they shake so much. Why do they have to go the the skin, as you said?

  2. How difficult to just think about ourselves, solely about ourselves. Ugh.

    This is a sweet photograph. 🙂

    • The photo is from Pixabay, I guess I forgot to add that. It’s so important to think for ourselves and about ourselves. That’s what life is all about. Women are always expected to think of others and that’s not a healthy way to live. We need to let our governments know that we can think and refuse to put up with what they are doing to us, as well.

      • I know right?
        Women should quit placing everyone else above them.

      • Women need to teach their children a new way of looking at females, of any age. We all need to see how we have been conditioned, brainwashed and controlled by the rules set up by men in power. Societies rules don’t work for us.

      • Well that’s true. Nobody is born to develop a prejudice against women. It is just a thought process that they inherit from their families as well as the society.

      • Absolutely. Everything is taught. By families, institutions, churches, cultures, they al feed into one another to teach hate, prejudice, racism, agism sexism and all the other bad things. All taught and reinforced. Today the media plays a huge part in furthering the agenda of negativity.

  3. Sheep are so docile. I think if they have thoughts, they are like this: “Grass. Yum. Clover. Yum. Mud. Grass. Clover. Yum.”

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