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picture from: Free Clip Art

Female superheroes can save the world, take care of themselves, think, plan, act, be independent, kick-ass, stand alone, fight back, work together, be strong, get the bad guys, generally take care of business and be brave.  Positive images of females standing on their own two feet, and taking names, is empowering for females of ALL ages. Female superheroes don’t need to be rescued and carried around by their men, they have each other’s backs.

We need strong role models for girls, so they grow up to be confident, intelligent and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Here’s some good new…Toys R Us just put out this brand new line of FEMALE SUPERHEROES for girls.  The Superheroes are wonderful. There’s Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Super Girl, and many more. Prices vary, depending on size of the superhero.  The thing is…if you don’t buy them, these wonderful toys for girls will disappear.  If girls are not TAUGHT about the strong females who save the world, companies will stop making them.  It’s up to US to make sure that strong, clever, brilliant females are represented and available to girls.  If we don’t want it to be a male dominated world then WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  This is a step in the right direction.


Comments on: "Why we need female superheroes…(2 photographs)" (12)

  1. I don’t know why male superheroes are so over rated. I think this is an intrinsic patriarchal approach of the society that was obviously created by us.

  2. […] Rethinking Life talked about why we need female superheroes. Does anyone really object to there being more female superheroes? […]

    • They haven’t been visible until now. Now they are beginning to be seen. It’s just one way of keeping women from being powerful and having strong,independent role models. Watch the TED talk on my blog and you’ll see them erased from the films. You’ll see Disney keep the princesses going instead of the strong female heroes. You’ll see them pushed into the background even though they are tough and powerful. The TED Talk will show you examples. Today things are getting better. The new line of dolls may turn girls toward strong females who can save the world and take care of themselves.

  3. I personally have a Wonder Woman cubicle. I know I am not her. But I relate, totally. I am a paralegal and sometimes feel the pressures of the men. They need to see strong women, mothers, employees, employers, all of us not needing to be saved.

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