Art and the philosophy of life

Can’t wait to go back….

Comments on: "Shakespeare and Company…Paris" (10)

  1. I really want to own the illustrated book they’re publishing! 😍

  2. ….and I am always excited to come back to your blog here. It is one of my very fave blogs.
    Not sure of the problem, but it seems the only way I can get here is from the link in the comments on my blog that you make. Any other way I try ie: direct URL or clicking on my fave blogs icons puts up a warning screen from Windows that I am infected. I don’t use Windows & yours is the only blog this happens with. … Oh, and it always wants my password, which I DO NOT give. I only mention this, as you have mentioned you’ve had some problems with your PC of late. Any relation? I don’t know. However, I always think it’s better to spill the beans in case a light goes on. Comparing notes can be revealing.
    Much affection,

    • No one else has said anything. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Not long ago I had my computer stripped and had to download all my info but I haven’t noticed any changes. I’ so sorry you’re having problems. I’m not sure what to do.

      • Cool! I’ll get it figured. I’m going to buy a new computer very soon. Still, I like to understand, and resolve issues. This is why I do it all on my own, and have no techie. Of course, that is why everything takes my time.

      • I can’t imagine why that’s happening? I’m not computer literate, so I’m not sure what I can do to change anything.

  3. It’s the best, eh?!

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