How many children live in fear every second of their lives because men refuse to stop terrorizing and beating them?


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Lives are destroyed by the fists of men who outweigh their victims by one to two hundred pounds.  Cowards and bullies, who prey on those who can’t fight back, who have nowhere to go, no way to escape the horror and brutality of their lives.  No child should live in constant fear.  No man should be allowed to walk free after raping or beating a helpless child.  No second chances…ever.  But we live in a society run by men, therefore, they get to pretty much do what they want to do without punishment or logical consequences.

Have you ever noticed how men rarely stop other men from doing bad things?  They shake their heads and look the other way.  So females can’t count on the good guys to stop the bad guys.   Can you even imagine a guy saying, “Hey, I think you should stop beating your wife and kids and I’m going to check with them to see if you have.”

The laws don’t work…they don’t protect women or children from violence.   Basically, if women and children aren’t protected by their own personal male, there’s nothing there to protect them at all.

The question is:  Why should women and children need to be protected from violence?  Why is violence against them ALLOWED to exist?  The answer is:  Because men want to be violent against women and children.  It’s a CHOICE.  Since men control everything, including the law, the violence continues and women and children are forced to live in fear.

We all look away far too often.  We are all guilty about doing nothing about critical issues that destroy lives.  Believe me, I’ve worked to bring about changes in a lot of areas and I can tell you flat out…as long as men are in power, there’s little that can be done because they write the laws in a way that enables them to do what they want to do to women and children.   Our first step as women and as those against violence against us,  is to DEPOSE men…get them out of positions of power so that there is a chance to stop the terrible things they do to females and children, by enforcing strict laws that give no ground.

On a different note:  I would like to say that the bikers who stop kids from being bullied at school, by escorting them to school and picking them up afterward, have my undying gratitude.  I’m crazy in love with the bikers who rescue animals from abuse as well.  These men are true heroes.   These are guys we can look up to.  They are taking action to stop terrible things from happening and seriously, I LOVE them.

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18 Responses to How many children live in fear every second of their lives because men refuse to stop terrorizing and beating them?

  1. bwcarey says:

    Violence!, don’t blame anyone, what you have to realize it’s not a man issue, even if men are more likely than women to be violent, your habits become you, and habits i mean, what is passed on by the habits of those before you, we live in a world that finds violence entertaining, it’s on the screen, it’s on TV, it’s the same with alcoholism, our genes are stacked with the habits of the past, that is why Jesus warned us all, don’t bring the baggage with you, learn to forgive. Thanks for the post, the issue you raise is a global one, and history has shown, good men and women are rarely helped, and face more barriers than the average terrorist.

    • People have to take responsibility for their actions. Forgiving violence won’t help the person whose life has been destroyed. We have been taught that forgiveness is the thing to do but all it does is excuse the violence and the person who did it. There really are no excuses. There are only choices. We live in a violent world but that’s just one more choice.

  2. SwittersB says:

    Oh my Gigi….I suffered for years from a Mom who smacked me around….but, her cycle started from a insanely abusive Father and his from a crazy Mother….the cycle must be broken….I did. On my Mom’s death bed, begged forgiveness….I lovingly gave it.

    • I’m so very sorry you had to go through that. I’m happy you broke the cycle. How can we ever stop it from happening? A high school boy came into one of my classes, his hands balled into fists, his body so rigid I asked him what was wrong. His father had stopped by the night before and beaten his mother. He tried to protect her and his father beat him as well. I told him how to get an Order of Protection for his mother but told him that it was just a piece of paper. I tole him to remember how he felt and to never become someone who hit his future wife and kids. To never turn out like his father. He was so furious and I don’t blame him. It’s a terrible thing to feel helpless. To watch the person he loved be beaten and not be able to stop it. People do terrible things. We need to TEACH kids about this kind of abuse in the early grades. Give them a way to stop it. We don’t talk about it. It hides and because of that nothing changes. We need to put light on it and name names. We need to make those who hare violent take responsibility for their actions, label them and call them what they are. By letting them hide we give them silent permission to continue hurting people.

  3. We have a bad reputation here in New Zealand of killing our children – usually it is young fathers and step fathers. The abuse is horrific and yet it continues. Some mothers just stood by, paralysed by fear of the man. It is hard to read about.

    • How terrible. I’m so sorry to hear that. I was hoping that things were better in different parts of the world. It’s hard to believe these things just go on and on and on.

  4. On a lighter note. This is good Bling. I agree with you about the violence against women. You sure have some wonderful strong posts Bling. 💕

  5. amleta says:

    Reblogged this on I tesori di Amleta and commented:
    Many children have bad fathers or bad brothers. They need a strong defense to get free from this violence and abuses.

    • You know. What we need is for men to STOP BEING VIOLENT. If men would just STOP, violence would end. What’s a strong defense? No laws stop them. No other men stop them. If women stop them, they end up in jail for life. So, there IS NOT STOPPING THEM and that’s the problem.

      • amleta says:

        The men who say that love their daughters and wives, they themselves should to protest to have a right Justice for dangerous men. But they don’t do that.
        Then when their daughters or girlfriends die they cry. But they don’t do anything to defend women from these dangerous men. Even some policemen don’t believe women are victim. They just say to them: “don’t trouble anymore”. Why? Because they too are bad men.

      • That’s exactly the point. MEN who are good, do NOTHING to stop the BAD ones and we can’t tell the bad ones from the good ones. It’s a horrible situation for all women that men are allowed to do anything they please to females, no matter their age. Women who fight back are punished but men never are. Not really. Thank you for telling me how it is where you live as well.I appreciate it.

  6. I was a child, i was a boy, today i am a man and from violence never someone protected me, never someone avenged me, never someone defended me and i thanks the Free Beautiful Life, Free Beautiful Nature, Free Beautiful Death, good morning 🙂 … 🙂

    • I’m sorry you went through violence of any kind. Violence is never good. Have a lovely evening.

      • Now for me it’s morning, thank you for your comment to my comment, really wish you good work, really wish, as my usual, real Meritocracy Because who really works need to remember their real Merits to continue wonderful travel of life, travel of life it’s wonderful for who works in honest of conscience and in creative Harmony with Free Beautiful Life, Free Beautiful Nature, Free Beautiful Death, hello 🙂

      • Ah, we are on different sides of the earth. It’s morning here. Honesty and a good heart are what’s needed in life.

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