Calvin, Devin and Lucy are ready for a fun filled day at The Coop…


The sun is out and it’s going to be hot, so the chicklets are having a party at the Rubber Duck Pond.  The Gondola is prepped and ready to take riders back and forth across the pond.  Several of the chicklets have learned a bit of Italian and have promised to sing, as they move the Gondola through the water.  Janice will accompany them on her accordion, and that’s always good news.

There will be group chirping, peeping and oinking, after lunch and there will be a dance later in the evening.  The horses, goats and cow (there’s only one), have promised to take the bunnies on a hay ride.  Everyone is very excited about that, because the bunnies are so important when it comes to healing rescued Factory Farm animals.  This is a special treat for the bunnies because of their dedication to sick and wounded friends.

Devin is wearing his wet suit, but he doesn’t do well in the water.  Actually, none of chicklets do well in the water, having a tendency to sink immediately.  Their feathers don’t dry quickly and they look pretty messy when they do.  Most of the chicklets walk, and play, along the shore and the hens drag any, who fall into the pond, out of the water before they get hurt.  Lucy has a new bathing suit.  Her sister and brother made it for her last night.  She has a matching towel, as well.  Calvin is very young and very shy.  It’s his first Rubber Duck Pond party so he’s sticking close to his big brother, which is fine with him.

These parties are always happy events and the Rubber Ducks are growing in number. That’s always fun because the chicklets play guessing games and try to pick out the new Rubber Ducks before anyone else does.

The hens made plenty of cornbread and there is fresh fruit, seed cones and lots and lots of popcicles.

The hospital is almost empty, but those who are still recovering from the last raid, will be brought to the Pond, so they can enjoy the festivities.

Oh, one more thing.  Melvin wrote, and illustrated, a book about the healing bunnies and he’s going to read it to them, then give each bunny his, or her, own signed copy.  As I said, everyone is grateful to the bunnies for the wonderful work they do.

It’s going to be another very good day at The Coop.

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6 Responses to Calvin, Devin and Lucy are ready for a fun filled day at The Coop…

  1. Heartafire says:

    I would love to be there to hear the reading and get a signed copy…I want to wear the halter top and wrap around skirt, so stylish and a bit risque!:)

    • LOL The reading went very well and the bunnies were overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things everyone did for them. They enjoyed the hayride, especially since the hay was sweet and delicious. Lucy is something of trend setter. She’s fearless and just likes to have fun.

  2. You are so right about that.

  3. <3<3<3<3 ChiRp, pEEp! Love it and soo stylish

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