Do you hear singing?

It was after the Witching Hour, about one-thirty this morning, and I was sitting on the patio with Emily, feeding, petting and dancing with her.  She was twining between my feet and head bumping me, marking me, so that every cat within five a hundred mile radius would know that I belonged to her.  We were just hanging out listening to a bird sing.

I asked Em if she knew why the bird was singing at this strange hour but, as always, she remained silent, staring at me with big green eyes.  She implied that if I wanted to know, I would have to find out for myself.  That’s the only way anyone learns, she said, with a flick of her furry black tail.

If Ginger had been there she would have told me everything.  She would have let me know what kind of bird it was, where it was located and why it was singing.  She loves to chat. Every time I see her we cackle and meow at each other.  I’m pretty good at meowing and mewing but she laughs at me when I try to cackle.  She’s a patient cat, so I think she still hopes that I’ll get the hang of it soon.

Emmie, on the other hand, is more like the Tao.  She gives her support and nudges me, now and then, but she never gives me a straight answers.  She’s my silent muse, my lovely stray cat, but she keeps her secrets and answers close to her heart.

The singing was beautiful but I’ve never heard a songbird sing at that early hour.


P.S.  Scientists say that birdsong is about violence.  It’s a warning other birds to stay out of their territory, or else.  I don’t really care what scientists have to say.  Birdsong fills me with happiness and I’m just going to go with that.

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17 Responses to Do you hear singing?

  1. reocochran says:

    Being named Robin, I absolutely have to believe in bird’s song’s gifts! I think they have songs of warning about weather and catastrophes but not out of meanness.
    I like the way Em is Tao and Ginger is giving of info! 🙂

    • I agree. Birdsong is a gift and birds sing different songs for different reasons:) And the cats are exactly like that. Tao and Chatty. ❤ Ginger, though younger, is the Alpha cat. I believe that Em was a house cat at one time and she is a bit less aggressive than Ginger, who never had a home.

  2. I just adore birdsong. We have a lot where I live, especially in the early hours. Then I love going to the parks and just listening to it as well. It calms the soul. I don’t care about all the territory stuff – a lot of birdsong is also to impress their partners too. Love is in the air tonight.

  3. I don’t think you can reduce bird song to one goal. I’m sure they have a variety of goals and needs, similar to ours. Scientists are fond of theories, but they are rather thin on proof sometimes.

  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Sometimes city lights confuse birds into thinking it is dawn, esp. this time of year. Your garden looks so lush. I was thinking what a contrast from six months ago! Praise summer -hallelujah!

    • My garden is overgrown and happy. 🙂 Yes, you’re right, huge contrast between then and now:) Maybe it was the lights, I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. 🙂 Whatever the reason, it was lovely. ❤

  5. v4vikey says:

    Love the bird songs………..

  6. ❤ 😀 ❤ 😉 ❤

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