Mildred is the matriarch of an outlaw band of wild guinea pigs.  She is clever, intelligent and a fierce fighter.   She has gone up against wild dogs, raccoons and more than one possum and she has the scars to prove it.  Mildred lives by two rules, “Look and act tough and never let anyone see you quiver.” She is brave and fearless because she holds the picture of her grandmother, who was captured and forced to run in a wheel, in her mind.  She will do anything to keep her family free.

Not many beings would believe that a an unarmed guinea pig could take on a wild dog but that’s just what Mildred did.  The dog was hungry and the baby guinea pigs were out playing.  Mildred rushed the dog and started biting his ankles.  She rolled, tumbled and bit faster than he could step on her.  The dog finally gave up and limped away.  Mildred watched him go and squeaked loudly, warning him not to return.  The other guinea pigs rushed to her side but she shooed them away saying that she was fine and to keep watch over the wee guinea pigs.

See, it doesn’t always matter how small you are.   It’s all about how much you want to stay free.  It’s all about hating the wheel and never wanting those you love to be captured and put into cages.  Mildred doesn’t understand why humans build their own cages, walk in, close the door, get on the wheel and then call it life.  Mildred knows what freedom is.  She knows what the wheel means and she’ll fight to the death before she pretends that  that’s what life is all about.


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30 Responses to Mildred…

  1. cindy knoke says:

    I had a gopher chase me into the house because I inadvertantly started watering her burrow, so I can easily believe that Midred is one brave mama!

  2. Anna H. Lucy says:

    A lovely post and beautiful picture of Mildred that remained me of one of the M.A.S.H. movie where a very similarly looking Guinea Pig got lost – and the entire hospital was put upside down just to find her. I used to own this ‘sweet little beauty’ when I was 8-10 years old and this post brought back sweet memories, thank you kindly for this share:)

  3. Oloriel says:

    Wow, this is an incredible story! I am having lots of fun imagining that wild dog battle!
    Another thing is, one of my son’s first toys is a multi-colored lamb which I named Mildred. It has new dimensions now for me, I think I will from now on always look at it as a metaphore for a fluffy, fearsome heart.

  4. I love guinea pigs. We had a lot of them when I was a child. Lovely post Gigi

  5. heila says:

    I love guinea pigs. And Mildred’s story!!!

  6. Thank you very much. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Mildred is a fighter, no doubt about it.

  7. Trini Lind says:

    I love her 💖. I’m a fan 🌟

  8. v4vikey says:

    Nice Post and I like cute guinea pigs…………..

  9. Maria F. says:

    She’s beautiful!

  10. Resa says:

    I adore Mildred, her story and message it sends!

  11. daybyday898 says:

    Amazing I am going to look at my guineapigs a whole different way

  12. Wow! Mildred, you’re amazing!!!

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