I had a great time while Melanie was here.  She made me buy more books…okay, admittedly, I suggested book shopping and I did DRIVE us to the bookstores, so I guess I’ll fess up and admit that it was my own fault:)  I can’t wait to read all of them.  She found a signed copy of Patti Smith’s new book for a fabulous price.  That was a fun day…roaming up and down the aisles of bookstores, showing each other our treasures.

We went downtown, went to the Chicago Botanic Garden and we had Chicago Pizza, which was sooo delicious.  I also took her to the library and showed her where her book was. Fortunately, no one had taken it out and it was there for her to see.

We ate at Noodles twice, because it was so good and I barely cook anymore.  If she depended on me, she would have starved to death.  She just left yesterday and I already miss our conversations.  We had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to get to O’Hare on time and we stayed up until almost midnight talking and it was hard to stop.  Seriously, who tells a story about a Bad Goose?  How can you go to bed and sleep when you hear those words, right?

Hopefully, next year Bling and Melanie will be able to come at the same time.  Fingers crossed.  Then the house will be filled with junk food, chocolate donuts, Brownie Bites, coffee, cream cheese and jelly and lots of laughter and talk about art and poetry.  Because those are the staples, as far as I’m concerned.

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8 Responses to Melanie…

  1. books and food – yum…

  2. I’m so happy you two had fun. I knew you would. It’s fun to roam around bookstores I love it too. I always miss them when they leave. I think we should all get together that would be very fun. A year seems to go by so fast. Very fast. So happy for you and Malanie. 💕💕

  3. Was just thinking of our visits fondly and remembered you had posted a couple things…just revisiting. I’m off to find the Bad Goose story cause i need to laugh 🙂

    • OMG That just cracked me up and you said, “Well, I’m glad my attack (can’t remember the word) is funny to you.” It was the delivery. When you said BAD Goose…It was so funny. And it was late and we’d been in the kitchen for awhile. HAHAHAHAHA Bad Goose. So funny.

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