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The Big Mistake…

“How could you have forgotten the most important thing?” asked the man, smoking the extra long cigarette.  “Didn’t you get the memo?” “Funny,” said the other man, sarcastically. “They weren’t supposed to spend their short lives trying to stay healthy … Continue reading

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Three more weeks and it’s FLOWER time…

These are from last year.  Racks are going up, in front of stores everywhere, getting ready to hold the flowers we have been waiting for.

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Strange day…Miles and Lexi…part 6

“Can’t we just relax and have a quiet evening?” he asked, sitting down next to her.  “Why do we have to talk?” “Because I want to know everything about you.  I want to understand your tattoos.  I want to know … Continue reading

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Dust Angel Nebula…from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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“under god,” was added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954 That never should have been allowed.  Not all Americans believe in god and this country was founded on A SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE!  It should be removed.

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Fantastic street art by: INKMONSTR in Denver, Colorado

Picture from Pinterest This is so wonderful.  What an amazing artist.

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Strange Day…Miles and Lexi…5

“Are your ears pointy?” asked Lexi? “A little.  Why?” “I was just wondering.” “Are you Winter or Summer Fae?” “Neither,” he answered. “I thought you had to be one or the other.” “Those things don’t apply to Death.” “Can I … Continue reading

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Picture from Pixabay Wouldn’t you like to spend some time looking through these books?

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Rose from last summer…

I took this at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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Skunks really like dry cat food.

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