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I followed my sibling out of the nest.  I’m not sure it was a good idea.  To be honest, I don’t know what to do next.  My mom is having a fit, shrieking that I needed another two weeks at home but I’m young and my brain isn’t developed enough to make the right decisions.  She said she can’t lift me, so there’s no going back.  She said she loves me but now her job is a lot harder because she has to take care of both of us when we’re on the ground and there are cats.  She said we are driving her crazy and to get under a shrub and hide, while she looks for our dad.

I feel bad for her because I can tell she’s afraid for us.  She’s flapping around and dive-bombing other birds.  She’s making a racket and staying close to us.  We didn’t mean to make her life more difficult.  She said we just didn’t think about how our actions would affect everyone else.  She’s right.  We thought leaving home would be exciting and a lot of fun.  It’s not exciting and a lot of fun,  it’s scary.  She’s scary too.

She said that everything will be okay and not to worry.  She said she did the same thing when she was young.  All baby birds do silly things that drive their mothers insane.  She doesn’t seem any crazier than usual but maybe that’s because I just haven’t been paying attention.  I know she’s worried about the cats.  Cats are the biggest danger to a lot of species.  They are the best hunters on the planet and we can’t defend ourselves.  If we can’t fly, we can’t escape and we can’t fly.  That’s why she’s pulling at her feathers.  She wants to sit on us but we’re too big.

We’re both sorry we jumped but there’s nothing to be done about it now.  She can’t find our dad.  She said he’s rarely around when she really needs him and she can’t leave us alone for more than a minute or two.

She said that her mother told her not to lay any eggs.   She told her to be free and just have fun but she didn’t listen.   She said no one ever listens.  That’s why the world is such a mess…no one listens…everyone has to find things out for themselves.  It’s like reinventing nest building each time you do it.

I think she’s calming down a little.  She’s getting tired.  She’s scooting under the branch and covering us with her wings.  I’m getting sleepy.  I just hope tomorrow is a happy day for all of us.  Peep.

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18 Responses to Sylvia…

  1. How sweet, love this little story.. There was a little baby bird in our garage last night, My husband brought it cute.. big eyes.. re-blog

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  3. Heartafire says:

    Delightful. It is scary out there and many cats are doing what comes naturally to survive. It’s best to remain in the nest until we are ready to fly.

  4. Wendy Kate says:

    I hope tomorrow is a happy day for you too, peep peep xxxxx

  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Great little story, Gigi. Motherhood is a tough job!

  6. Such and adorable story. I am telling my children the same thing – do your own thing. Very important

  7. Good story! I enjoyed it! 🙂

  8. LOL very cute and i think lots of little birdies (and people) leave the nest without fully developed brains!

  9. Peep peep! Life’s rough when you are a wee one with all those cute little feathers not ready to fly yet. I love Spring time and all the birds. 😀 wonderful little Sylvia where are you???

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