Art and the philosophy of life

“The pizza was good,” said Miles.  “I haven’t had pizza in a very long time.”

“I told you I knew a place.”

“You did indeed.”

“I eat pizza at least once a week,” she said, running her hands through her short, spiky, blond hair.  “Can’t imagine doing anything else.  Are you here for a visit or business?  You never answered me.”

“Business,” he said.

“Where are you staying?”

“Nowhere.  I should be finished and gone by tonight.”

“Oh.  Well, that’s nice, I suppose.  Maybe you can give me a call next time you’re in town and we can get together for another pizza.”

“I’d like that,” he said.

“What do you do?”

“I’m in the, uh, disposal business.”

“Why do you have wings?”

“I was made this way.”

“You mean born that way…like it’s a birth defect, or enhancement?”

“Something like that.”

“You’re not like the other guys I know.”

“You have no idea,” he chuckled.  “However, I must admit that you aren’t like the other females I know either.”

“What’s with the floating?”


“Do you have any siblings?”


“Neither do I.  I have a cat named KiKi.”

“That’s nice.”

“It is.  She’s black and very clever.  You can meet her if you like, I live right over there.”

“Maybe next time,” he said softly.


“If I finish working early I might be able to stop by and see her,” he added, after hearing the disappointment in her voice.

“I have ice cream.”

“I like ice cream,” he said quickly, surprising himself.

“Where do you buy your clothes.  A vintage shop?  A costume store?”

“This was made by a weaver I know.”

“The person does great work.”

An electric guitar riff suddenly filled the air, followed by the beginning of, BAD TO THE BONE, and Miles stopped floating.  “I have to go to work,” he said, looking at his oddly shaped cell phone.  “Perhaps I’ll see you later.  If not, I’ll contact you next time I’m in town.”

“You don’t have my number.”

“I’ll find you,” he said.

“Well have fun at work,” she said.

Laughter filled the air and he was gone.




Comments on: "Strange Day…Miles and Lexi…part 2" (6)

  1. Heartafire said:

    He seems lovely, but hope he stays away for a while.

  2. The sun is out!!!!! so it’s really a Sun Day…LOLOL

  3. Ba ba ba ba bad to the bone. And ice cream and pizza. Yum yum yum I have had so much pizza too Bling. I had a banana split today so yummy. I love the cars name Kiki. Your stories are always so wonderful. 😄😄💜

    • Thanks Bling. I haven’t had pizza in too long. Ice cream either but I did buy a bag of powder sugar donuts today and cookies ( kinds):) I was hungry when I was shopping and that’s always a bad thing to do. 🙂

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