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He’s been holding the “hope” stone for years.  It’s hope that the flower will grow and be happy.  It’s hope that all animals who visit are healthy, well fed and happy.  It’s hope for happiness in general.  I figure that since he has his eyes closed and never moves, I may as well put him t work.

See, when I look at Buddha I see a guy who goes to a movie (life) and refuses to watch the film.  He gives up all responsibility and just takes care of himself.  If we all did what Buddha did we would already be extinct, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the way things would be.  No one to fill the begging bowls, no children to indoctrinate.  All the people in the world would sit and then sit some more.  Women might not be allowed to sit, never being good enough, and always distracting men from concentrating.  We could all iron our faces, so we were scarred, like the woman who wanted to be a Buddhist nun.  None of the monks could stop fantasizing about her, she was too pretty, so that’s what she did to herself, so she could study.  When she was ugly no one cared if she was around.  None of the men burned themselves, or did anything at all to control their desires, but that’s the way things always are.  Nothing ever changes.  Not really.  So yeah, Buddha doesn’t do anything for me.  Especially after leaving his wife and kids to find himself.  LOL  I seriously doubt that he ever went back to check on his family, but why would he?   What could they possibly have to do with him?  His minions were what was important.  So if I see the Buddha on the road I’m going to be asking a lot of questions.  I love it that all these guys don’t want followers and yet…the minions wait on them hand and foot.

Sure Siddhartha was horrified when he saw all the poor people outside the gates of his compound, who wouldn’t be?  So, the prince left his family and sat under a bodhi tree and well, you know the rest.  Enlightenment, followers, the whole thing. I’m not sure how he helped the poverty stricken, however.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm….




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  1. Heartafire said:

    Fabulous, suddenly I am seeing Buddha in a new light.

    • If he wanted to help the poor he could have gotten his father to be generous or gone on the road and planted gardens to feed people, or helped women and children who were starving because they had no men to care for them…or done a million other things that would have helped the people he was shocked to see. But instead he concentrated on himself and his minions concentrated on him as well. How can you walk through a poverty stricken area and beg for food when you’re healthy and can farm or garden or work? Starving people feed monks out of tradition and hope that their prayers will do them so good. Never made sense to me. They live a sheltered, ritualized life trying to find their center and get rid of…or control ego and I don’t see how that feeds people who are starving and watching their children die.

      • Heartafire said:

        Take that Richard Gere and allyou folks in Tibet!

      • The Dalai Lama is a lovely man. He saved a cat. Well,he had his driver save the cat. He didn’t get out of the car but still Here’s the thing. The monks are being slaughtered,right? He was brought out of Tibet so he could be safe because he is the symbol for his religion. People love him and wanted him to be safe. He is the Dalai Lama because as a child, monks went to his home and put items on a table. He picked up the correct items, those belonging to the last Dalai Lama. Then he became who and what he is today. I have no idea what Tibetan society is like. I don’t know what their rules are. The Dalai Lama has responsibilities. His life must have never really been his own. As a child, I doubt that he was allowed to make many decisions. He is a public figure. He is a symbol. I admit that my view is what it is because I’m American and well, you know how we are, but it seems to me that all the religious leaders and powerful people are guarded, doctored, waited on, protected and taken to safety.

        Some people believe that the captain should go down with the ship. When our governor went to Florida, during one of our Chicago snowstorms years ago, people went insane. The governor was furious but HE CAME BACK because to leave the city when it was in trouble was unthinkable. The outcry was truly incredible. It was all over the papers, on the news, it was everywhere. That’s all anyone could talk about…the fact that he left. No one has ever done that again, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t leave my family if they were in trouble. I don’t know how to think that way. I don’t understand people hiding out, driven in bulletproof cars, having body guards, being waited on. Shouldn’t leaders be waiting on the people they are supposed to SERVE? Shouldn’t they be the ones giving and standing next to the people they are supposed to care for and protect? Even as kids, we knew that if “you run, you’re done.” Anyone who left when things got dangerous had to find new friends. It’s all what you’ve been taught. I have a lot of questions for all those leaders. A lot. I know the “stars” are always having fund raisers for Tibet and I think that’s great. I don’t think anyone should be slaughtered. The monks believe in non-violence. They have been taught to believe in non-violence. The bad guys believe in killing. They have been taught to kill. It’s all about what people have been taught. I can’t possibly know what it’s like for the Dalai Lama to be here while his monks are dying. Maybe he’s doing a lot of good speaking and collecting money to help those in Tibet. His being safe may give strength to the people of Tibet. His responsibility and position are far from anything I have ever known, or could imagine. I don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. I just have a LOT of questions for all these guys.

  2. The Disobedient Author said:

    I have wondered the same thing about Gurus of all kinds… and their minions 🙂

  3. Rising Hawk said:

    “Om” still has some magic although, historically, I not sure Buddha ever used it 😉

    • I agree. Sounds have meaning and the ability to alter things. I was kind of just playing when I added that. I don’t think Buddha ever used it.

      • Rising Hawk said:

        Sounds are amazing for certain – science has proven the efficacy of “OM” along with may other Sanskrit words. Yeah, OM was around long before Buddha and in common usage but he ignored it. That didn’t keep the people that heard him teach from creating mantras about him using OM after his death though because, hey, humans are idiots and usually miss the point of everything 😉

      • LOLOLOL Even when we get the point we overlook it. It seems that if this were a nice place, there wouldn’t be anything to do. I’ve lived long enough to see that nothing is ever solved or settled. It just keep coming back again and again. I think it always will. That’s what this place IS. It’s like a kind of hell with glimpses of what could be but never will be.

      • Rising Hawk said:

        Yes, we’re on a hamster wheel in hell thinking we’re going somewhere 🙂

      • Well said. Thank you.

  4. Ha Ha Ha

    • 🙂 Just the way I see it. Now it’s big business. Retreats that cost thousands of dollars, competition between participants to see who can sit the longest. I think meditation is a good thing…I just don’t believe in leaders.

  5. The true story is not as romantic is it?

    • It is not. The thing is, at the time, if a woman didn’t have a man to take care of her she starved and so did her mother and her children. He left but he was a prince so his family was cared for, however, he took no responsibility for his family, or for his position. His position could have allowed him to actually HELP people by providing for them and making a better life for them. But he didn’t do that, he concentrated on himself. I don’t have a problem with that…I have a problem with the fact that he was followed. He set a bad example by walking out on his wife and children…because according to the stories, other men left their families and followed him…leading to more poverty and death.

  6. Ha… An excellent point of view

  7. That’s why, in Vedic/Hindu mythology, the Gods come down to earth from time to time, and spank us humans

    • I’d like it better if they came to earth and were human for a few years. Maybe they wouldn’t be so high and mighty, after changing diapers, working every day, Having a sick friend, or being hurt and feeling pain, or having people they love die. That’s what I would like see. No one who hasn’t experienced our reality has a clue as to what being human is like, so I don’t actually take what they think seriously. It’s like me saying that I know what it’s like to be a fish so I will rule over them in some way.

  8. Kalki, the 10th avtaar of Vishnu is due for a visit … However, I need to check his calendar

  9. I have learned something this morning! I did not know Buddha left his wife and family. I DO like having buddhas around, they sit and look nice and peaceful 🙂

    • I have them all over the place. They are peaceful. It’s all how you look at things. Religions are patriarchal. If you think about what they actually do, you will see that they cause more harm than anything else…holy wars, the Inquisition, rapist priests, outrageous sexism, the lies, the torture, the greed, the constant taking from those who have less, while they charge people to see their golden cups and relics and statues. None of it makes any sense. It divides people, manipulates and controls them, all for the good of those in power. Religion is a man made concept. Humans are pretty much unstable, for the most part. The rules in any institution, favor the institutions. That’s what power over others does. Same with any cult, gang, organization. They are all cults. They have costumes, secret handshakes, rules to follow, ritual, passwords and all the rest. They are all the same, it’s just that some of those groups are bigger than others and have more money and more power. No one knows the truth about anything that goes on behind closed doors. Secrets, lies and feeling special. EGO.

      When I was in Italy they had this whole story and relics set aside for this nun who had visions. The man speaking to our group said that she ate little and when she died she weighed almost nothing. So I said, “You mean she was anorexic. She starved and had visions because she was staving. Like Vision Quests, where people starve themselves to have visions. She wasn’t amazing, she was sick. Her visions weren’t from god they were from starvation.” Yet they had this mini cult built around a nun who simply starved herself to death. A long time ago that might have seemed like magic, or she might have been viewed as an angel, or whatever, but the reality was something entirely different. But people will believe anything. They worshiped her. She starved to death and they though that was special. I bet the prisoners in the cells during the inquisition had visions as well. Starve someone and they will see lots of things. Everyone in the group just stared at me. I said, “What? It’s true and you know it.” So people started swing, “She’s right, that is what happened.” Because it is what happened. They are still telling the story and people are still going to believe it because that’s what those institutions do.

      We had one guide who actually said, “We don’t know where any of the relics come from. They could be new, or they could make them, who knows? He said churches were status symbols and the men who built them built them tall and the one who ran out of money first, lost. See that one, it’s shorter than this one. That guy lost.”

      When the pope was reading his weekly sermon and telling everyone to give more to others I asked the guide what the church and the pope specifically was giving to anyone. What was he giving up? I mean people went insane because he rode in a car that wasn’t bulletproof. It was on TV and it was headline news. How crazy is THAT? Why doesn’t the church get rid of their extensive artwork and melt down some of the gold and feed hungry people. Why would they tell people who live in cardboard boxes to keep having children, so they could watch them die from starvation, or disease? How is this helping anyone? I’m not saying that some nuns, nurses, aren’t helping people. I’m saying they are doing so little, compared to what they could be doing that it’s a joke. They want poor people to give to poor people and you can’t let your children in a room alone with the men who represent god. So, I have a lot of problems with these things…mostly because they pretend to be something they aren’t and because of the constant preying on the masses. I’ve said this before, if the pope believed what he preaches why would he ever ride in a bullet proof car in the first place? Where is HIS FAITH that god will protect him? Why would he be afraid to die anyway, isn’t that where his reward is? Maybe it’s because NO ON ON THE ENTIRE EARTH knows what happens after death. It’s completely impossible to know. It’s stuff like that, expensive bullet proof cars, bodyguards, all that money to protect someone when their god’s son walked around in sandals and talked to people while sitting on a rock. No churches for him. Gold and churches are for EGO, for men, for show and status. All the money could be spent to help the people they tell their flock to help and then ask for another donation.. But that’s just the way I see things.

      • I think you get the prize for the longest reply to a comment EVER! 🙂 As an atheist and someone who tries to have a skeptical approach to life, I have to say I agree with all you say.

  10. Stunning piece! It throws a different light on everything…and everyone…religion must re-evaluate itself and you’ve done it elegantly! 🙂

    • Thank you for that…I have never been able to understand how they have any followers at all. It doesn’t make any sense. None at all. Religion will will never reevaluate itself. The catholic church didn’t even protect children from the rapist priests, the whole time knowing what was gong on. They lie and yet, there cars in their parking lot on Sunday and people still ignore the truth. My cousin still goes to church. I told her that the money she gives them helps pay the legal fees to get the rapists off and may still be used as pay off money. SHE said they were TOLD them that none of their money would go for those things. I SAID, “AND YOU BELIEVED THEM AFTER ALL THE LIES THEY TOLD? AFTER ALL THE THINGS THEY DID TO PROTECT THE RAPISTS AND LET THEM KEEP DESTROYING THE LIVES OF CHILDREN?” She just looked at me and didn’t say anything. She’ll believe anything they tell her. She’s been completely brainwashed. She’s conditioned to follow. She’s an intelligent woman but she never even thought they would lie AGAIN!!!! How is that even possible? There is no hope. Her grandchildren are being brainwashed and she’s okay with that. Scary. Very, very scary. It’s like mass hypnosis. I was happy to learn that some smaller churches had to shut down after the priests were put in the SPOTLIGHT. People withdrew their MONEY and stopped going to church. That would be the only sensible thing to do, in my opinion. The lies came from the top all the way down. Everywhere there are priest there are rapes. The people who want you to trust them are the most dangerous of all, especially, if they represent some god. And how can a priest, rapist or not, give advice to married people when he has no experience being in a relationship? Ego and insanity. Actually, the catholic church is a huge business but people don’t like to think about that either. I was raised surrounded by catholics. When I was a little kid my best friend told me she shouldn’t play with me anymore. We were sitting on her back steps and she was crying. I asked her why she couldn’t play anymore an she said the nun told her that I was bad and that I was gong to hell because I wasn’t catholic. Her mother stormed out the door (she had been listening in the kitchen) and said that the nun was wrong and that she could be friends with me and not to listen to that woman anymore. Religions divide people. They make up things that benefit them. They insist that people who marry raise their kids in the catholic church. Why. If their religion is so great wouldn’t that be automatic? Why do they have to talk to people about that? They like to keep a tight rein on things.

      Leaders in general, are out of touch with reality. They are protected and surrounded by people who do their bidding and give them the false impression that they are special. That’s never a healthy thing. To be cut off from the people you are sworn to serve. To be able to lie to them and allow evil things to happen is simply unacceptable. But people don’t seem to care. My cousin does’t, that’s for sure. A lot of people say, well, “they’re not all rapists.” How many do is enough? They constantly overlook the fact that the church itself PROTECTED the rapists and ALLOWED them to continue RAPING THE CHILDREN. There are a million things to talk about when it ones to religion. Their wealth, their concentration and collection on dead things, bones, heads bits of fingers. The art collection, the god, gems, the incredible wealth the don’t share with their flock. It’s amazing. The costumes, the whole thing. I don’t think the son of their god would ever be involved in any of those things but then supposedly he was a regular person and acted like one.

      • A splendid argument! I agree with all you say. I especially love the term ‘mass hypnosis’! That’s indeed what they are doing to their followers. Hindu temples are no different from the churches you speak about yet people devote their lives to those hypocrites! It’s a shame that with all the education in the world we are still in the same annoying situation!
        On a different note, I would really love to blog your comment verbatim! I am really really amazed at its depth and the fury it conveys. It’s honest and powerful. Would you mind it if I blogged this one?

  11. Yes, you can reblog it. Thank you.

  12. I like how nicely he holds the Hope rock! I really love that garden of yours Bling! Very good as always! You make me smile!

  13. Reblogged this on The Two Doctors and commented:
    An interesting “alternative perspective” on Buddha, a man who saw the misery of the sick, the old, the poor, then deserted his wife and children, sat under a tree, and thought about things! Despite being rich and able to directly help people …… Do read the comments section too ….. enlightening!

  14. Definitely MINE. LOLOL You didn’t have any, did you?

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