Andrew…pictures of Monet’s Garden…enjoy:)

Monet’s house

The chicken coop.

The archway to his house.  The flowers hadn’t grown over the arch because it was too early in the season.

The bridge.

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16 Responses to Andrew…pictures of Monet’s Garden…enjoy:)

    • It’s so wonderful. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live there and have it be a private garden (with the help of 20 gardeners). It’s so peaceful and calming. The flowers are beautiful but I would think having tons of people there would take away some of the charm. We just happened to be there at the right moment. The Garden had only been open for a week and a week earlier there were no flowers at all. So it was perfect:)

  1. Wow Bling these are so wonderful. The colors are amazing. 💫💫

  2. Stunning place and photos Gigi

    • Stunning is the perfect word, Raewyn. It was so lovely and we were fortunate to be there when it wasn’t crowded and it had only been open for a week. Everything was fresh and beautiful.

  3. equinoxio21 says:

    Just read “Giverny” in your tags. Thanks for the trip back. It is a very nice place…

    • So beautiful. Hard to imagine the garden was originally for one family. So wonderful to be there. You do need an army of people to keep it up, however.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        Land – and service – was cheap. Just saw “The wrong man” with Henry Fonda. A musician at the Stork Club in the 40’s made 85$ a week. And could maintain a family, pay the rent. Stretched, but he could. Bogart in the 40’s made 450$ a month I think.
        My parents bought our house in Normandy (about 20-30 miles away form Giverny) in 1960 for 4,000$. A few acres, two stone houses about 2 centuries old… Of course the plumbing was 2 centuries old. 😉

      • So true. I was talking to a guard at the Art Institute one day and she said all the Van Gogh’s that were donated, along with the other “greats,” were in families and bought cheaply, for almost nothing, at the time. That’s the way it was. But it’s all relative because little was a lot back then. The garden was so beautiful, everything was just blooming, so it fresh and amazing. We got there just before closing, so it wasn’t crowded and it was wonderful.

      • equinoxio21 says:

        That’s right you did go there if I recall.

      • Definitely. Fabulous day and perfect weather the entire time we were in Italy and Paris/France.

  4. And loved the chickens…a lot.

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