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I think we’re a lot like watches…we have delicate parts that need to work together, if we are to run properly.  If one part wears out, we don’t keep proper time.  No matter how well we care for our watches, something always goes wrong.  Parts are replaced and things run smoothly until the next time.  Each second ticks away, adding up to minutes and hours, months and years.  Newer models come along, models with fewer movable parts, but they seem short lived and are replaced more frequently.

Once our watches start losing time, we might be surprised to find they no longer make the parts needed to fix the problem.  And when someone tries to sell us a new watch we frown because we simply want the watch we already have, to keep running.  Somewhere in our minds we wonder why things wear out, instead of just getting stronger from use.  The doesn’t make sense.  Use it or lose it, right?  Another lie.  We can use it but that won’t make it last.  Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes broken.

Everything breaks down, falls apart and dies.  Everything.  Nothing is made to last forever.  Not watches, not dogs, not us, not even the universe.  Nothing we do can stop us from breaking down and wearing out.  Since we know that, why don’t more people stop trying to live forever and start enjoying life?  I never understand why people give up so much in the hope that a few more days will be added to their clock.  It doesn’t work that way.  You can measure how many steps you take, how many ounces of water you drink, how many hours of sleep you get and it won’t matter in the least, because your end date has been stamped on your passport the day you came here to visit.

All I’m saying is have fun, say yes and laugh whenever you can.  Don’t worry about the future, because the future will take care of itself.  It always does.  A long ago future brought us here and a new future will carry us to a different game, once this one ends.  Every second we are alive embodies the past, present and future.  That’s how quickly  time moves…our now becomes the past in a microsecond as the future moves to our present and then the past.  It’s a never ending past/present/future moment.  All three things flash by in a time almost too small to measure.  Too small to think about.  They are all happening at the same time, touch each other’s edges.  How cool IS that?  We can’t live in the moment because the moment doesn’t stop long enough to be any one thing.  We live in transition between three time zones at once.  That what the NOW is…its all three.  Nothing is static, nothing stands still, everything changes constantly…there is no NOW, there’s just everything.  Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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  1. perfectly true Gigi ! … but someone has to go back, otherwise…

  2. Great, I always pondered about this, even when young. What cracked me up the most was the “ego” concept, not in the Freudian sense, but psychologically speaking, the concept of “self”. Why is there a “me”? If we all have the same organs, what is it that makes everyone different. When we die, we lose it too.

    • Our personalities and experiences make us different from each other. We have no idea what a personality is. No one can find it. We don’t understand the brain. What IS a personality? A series of experiences, yes, but WHAT is experiencing the experiences? The thing that interprets the experiences is different in each of us. What is that thing? That’s the question we can’t answer. That’s who and what we ARE…the thing that thinks. We are thoughts and interpreters of experiences but we don’t know what’s doing it.

      • That is so interesting, it’s simply fascinating that everyones perceives everything differently, yet there has to be an agreement about what is perceived. This is why we have languages. Animals are not as complicated about what they perceive. This is uniquely human.

      • Animals may not be able to, or feel it’s necessary to make things up and that’s what humans do. We make everything up and pretend that what we made up is real or the truth, when, in fact, it is not. Animals do bother with pretending. We drive ourselves and each other crazy with the things we make up. There are no rules, there’s only pretend and the fact that some people believe that the pretend is actually real.

  3. One could argue, well, there’s the DNA, but in the end, all these ‘identities’ come to an end. What’s the use of so many ‘egos’? Legacies for future generations, one could argue, well those could also disappear too.

    • DNA is incidental, I think. It’s the thing that can’t be defined or experienced with the senses that make us what we are. And, as I said, no one knows what that is. Our bodies are like cars, simply vehicles to move our AWARENESS from one place to another and to EXPERIENCE the things that are here but we don’t have a clue as to what we ARE.

      • Yes, the senses are so critical.

      • Yes, the senses are important but they don’t matter at all if the thought isn’t there. Whatever we are we are simply using the senses provided by the body to enhance our experience of this place. Brain dead or brain damage make the senses useless. But you can live and create if your thoughts and whatever our personality is, is in tact. The thing we are cannot be explained or described and only uses the body to play this game but we are something different, something else, something that we don’t understand.

  4. what an excellent metaphor, gigi –

  5. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    Read this and wake up a few brain cells! xx Rowena

  6. There’s some really profound thinking in here. I love it.
    As an aside, I was drawn in my your title and photo.
    My elderly next door neighbour moved into a nursing home and his family cleared out his house and put his “junk” out by the road. He used to be the local jeweller and watch repairer who also had an interest in repairing old clocks. I found a box of old cuckoo clock parts, including what I’ll call cuckoo clock hearts. I was fascinated by all the parts.
    I’m not quite sure what the philosophical message of all of this is apart from saying that I wwho should have been downsizing my own stuff now has a box of cuckoo clock parts stashed inside my house. I’m thinking they’ve come here for a reason which will hopefully reveal itself in due course.

    • Without a doubt…the reason will be revealed. It’s as if a passing from one person to you has taken place. We are always attracted to things that mean something to us, even if we don’t know when the meaning will be revealed. Maybe the birds can be placed on a window ledge to let the light shine through and celebrate the man’s life and passion. The parts will tell you what they want and I’m delighted that you brought them home to live with you:) Yay!

  7. I was sent to this by Rowena, who reblogged it, and I love it. Really love it. I am learning to be all about living in the Now, and seeking the good things in each day, rather than ruminating on the past or being anxious about the future. Great reminder.

  8. Thank every single person for comments, and Rowena for the original post. One thought came to me, about all of us having differing experiences, and many are different. But some experiences are the same I think, there is the feeling of experiencing ‘Beauty’ for example, this I think must be the same for everyone. I did not use to think so long ago, but now I do and I feel that in this sense we are all one.

    • I don’t know how we can ever tell what we share. Even when we think we are talking about the same thing…we often aren’t. What’s beautiful to one is not beautiful to another and when two people agree that something is beautiful, it’s often for different reasons. I think we are each unique to the point that the things we share are just things we agree on in order to be able to communicate. I don’t know if we ever really understand each other. It seems impossible. How many times haven’t you heard someone say, “Oh, THAT’S what you meant? Or, “Why didn’t you just say that?” when the person thought that’s exactly what he said. Language is a barrier and our experiences have nothing in common except in the most general of senses. Death, birth, life in general, we each see it, understand it and feel it in a different way. No one knows what is going on with someone else, except through their own filter which may have nothing to do with the other person’s reality. It’s strange but true…we don’t have a clue and we live as though we actually do. Someone will say they have a two-year old and everyone rolls their eyes and nods, showing that they understand what that means but they understand it only in the most general of ways, since each two-year old, and the person experiencing the two-year old, is having a different experience…which might have nothing to do with all the people nodding and agreeing that yes, they know what having a two-year old means. No person has the same experience as another person, no matter what the experience is. It’s simply not possible because each experience and life is so incredibly individual/unique. It just can’t be any other way.

      • Thank you for your interesting words and thoughts. I can see what you mean. In a way I did not explain my thought rightly. In beauty being the same for everybody I mean that ‘beauty’ just is, no one can own it, we can only tune into it, and in that sense it is the same for everyone. It is just that.
        But I agree that the way we experience ‘beauty’ can be different for everyone.

  9. I see what you mean. We do all see beauty in places, we just don’t see it the same way in the same things, but you’re right. We have that sense of it. Absolutely. 🙂 Thank you. I lover our conversations.

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