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“I don’t understand?  We’re white, we have feathers, right?  Sure, we’re smaller in size and our beaks are orange but for the most part we’re the same.”

“I see your point but swans are still considered…”

“Prettier than we are.”

“Not by every one, of course.  I think you’re gorgeous.”

“Thank you.  We really don’t care, it’s just that you humans try and pit us against each other.  You draw attention to our differences and then rank us, as if what you say matters.  Swans, geese, ducks, you know.  We’re friends and you try to make one of us better than the others.  That’s what you crazy humans do.  Rank, measure, name, and destroy beauty. You take the natural beauty out of everything and make life a contest.”

“I guess we do.”

“You definitely do.  Anything different, or flashy, or bigger, or better, or whatever catches your eye, is the next best thing.  It doesn’t last, of course, because nothing lasts with your species.  You shine your twisted light on something and then abandoned  it for the next discovery or idea.  We aren’t like you, and that’s something to be proud of, believe me.  We see everything for what it is and that way, everything is beautiful and unique.  There’s never any comparison.”

“That sounds like a better way to live.”

“Ya think?  You can’t even look at a flower without comparing it to another flower.  Dissecting it, cataloging it, writing a paper on it.  You don’t LOOK at it and just think it’s beautiful.  You have to take it apart until it’s just one more thing.  That’s the reason you humans are so cruel.  You reduce everything to it’s common denominator and then you see nothing at all.  We’d all feel sorry for you if you weren’t so evil and didn’t have such a huge effect on our environment.  As it is, we just don’t like you.  A lot…we don’t like you a lot.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Humans represent death to the rest of us.”

“That’s terrible to know.”

“It might be terrible to know but nothing’s going to change.  There are hardly any frogs left.  Extinction is real for us.”

“When I started theses interviews, I thought all of the animals I spoke to were going to be happy and free.  I was wrong.”

“Well, we would be, if not for you.”

“I can see that.”

“Don’t get me wrong.  There’s plenty of violence in the natural world but there’s usually no intent behind it.  The issue is mostly about food.  Few species kill just to kill, other than yours, of course.  There’s no real paradise anywhere on this planet.  Not really.  It’s just that you celebrate violence and death.  You’ve made it into an art form.  It has become your way of life.”

“I’ve always loved ducks.”

“We are very nice birds.  We never hurt anyone and just wish to live in peace.”

“There are a lot of people who wish for the same thing.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that two or three males start wars, without the consent of the masses.”

“That’s true.”

“How is that possible?”

“I’m not sure, actually.”

“What if no one went to war?  What if the masses just said, NO?”

“The world would be a different place.”


There are lots of organizations working to save water birds and their environments, including the Nation Audubon Society.  Please just look them up.  Some are specific to certain states and others are national.  All are important.














Comments on: "Interview…ducks" (9)

  1. I am really loving your animal interviews! Maybe they could all be in a book?

  2. Love it! Such a great idea! So many good points…

  3. Wonderful interview. Yes, humans are the only ones who kill fellow creatures for the love of it, and not just to survive – and it makes them the lowest of the low of beings on this earth

  4. I absolutely love this and find it such an inspiring perspective. Very clever. I was writing about bullying yesterday and described myself as the duck instead of the swan. Sorry, ducks! you are beautiful creatures and so much fun. I love feeding bread to the ducks. I also love how ducks appear so calm as if they’re just gliding across the water and yet they’re paddling so hard underneath.
    xx Rowena

    • Humans are the only ones who have rules about beauty. It’s insane and a huge destructive force. A tree doesn’t feel bad if it’s a little shorter than the tree next to it. A cat doesn’t stay inside because it’s gray rather than white. We are cruel and vicious and insane, since WE MAKE EVERYTHING UP AND THEN BELIEVE IT’S REAL! That’s what makes us insane…the fact that we BELIEVE what we make up. Seriously, how crazy IS THAT? You have to live on the fringe and ignore the crazy media and those who believe it’s real. When people tell me I look so young for my age, I tell them that THIS is what my age looks like. I’m not special, I’m not fabulous, I’m just me! This IS me. Who CARES? How incredibly unimportant is it that I look younger than I am. Dog’s don’t care if they look younger than other dogs their age…neither do squirrels or horses. NO ONE CARES but us and we are crazy. Absolutely insane to make up stupid rules that constantly pit people against each other. Our institutions are based on hatred and one-upmanship. Churches, make everything up, schools, the same, everything is something we made up which means IT’S NOT REAL, unless we say it is. And we say the things that are real are the things that divide and hurt us. It will never make sense. Cruel, mean, nasty and hateful…that’s how humans think, those are the things that they make up. Just keep telling yourself it’s not real unless you say it is. Today kids want to be rich and famous. They don’t want to be happy, have good relationships, create something they will love creating. Those things have been tossed aside now they want to be American Idol winners and have money and fame. They have done polls and that’s what every kids says. See, the trick is, to have everyone want something only one person can have and that way you can have an entire population of losers and unhappy, resentful people who will spend their money trying to feel better about not being rich and famous. Instead of having a wonderful and happy life, they are teaching our kids to want something that pretty much doesn’t exist, even if you get it. That’s how you control society. That’s how you control populations. That’s how you destroy happiness and joy so that people will let you pass illegal laws and do whatever they want if they will just promise to keep them safe or rich, or happy or whatever…and it’s all lies. People need to wake up. They need to get serious about what is important in life. We need to think about the environment, friendship, trust, truth (such as it is), and stop wanting to be looked at all the time. It’s disgusting to see kids taking thousands of pictures of themselves. OMG when do they have time to do ANYTHING else. They are all in love with themselves. I don’t know. I think animals know how to live and they can teach us all kinds of good things if we simply pay attention. They live simply and don’t harm the environment. They don’t judge each other and care for their children. Sure there’s violence in nature but the intent behind it is different than our never ending thirst for torture and death. Animals don’t resent eating, want what someone else has and they don’t gossip and torture each other. They are accepting and just live. Sorry this is so long but really, we have to WAKE UP before the kids of this generation are lost forever in a virtual reality that has nothing at all to do with hands on life.

  5. beautiful, true and heart-felt

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