Penny designs and makes her own clothes.  She’s hoping to one day have her own label.  She wants to make clothes for cats as well, but her own cat, Love Duck, is violently against it.  She’s rethinking that part of her future career.

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19 Responses to Penny…

  1. What talent. I love the details X

  2. LOL Love Duck. Hilarious.

    • I’m sooooo happy you think so. Thank you for that. It’s snowing like crazy and I need the word “hilarious” right now…believe me.

      • Just think tRump. It does wonders for me. But then, I’m grammatically anal. I crack myself up. As long as I’m not the BUTT of my own jokes.

      • OMG You are on SUCH a roll. Start writing something funny, before you lose the thread. This is good stuff and you don’t want to forget it. LOLOL Let me know when the blog is up and running:)

      • As if. If I could sustain two blogs! And get a writing career out of the sucking pool of bilious boggy quicksand. Hmph. I wish. I’ll just restrain myself to snarking on your blog. And maybe I’ll dust off that picture book MS, There’s a Dead Body in the Shed, that so shocked the other PB writers in my 12 x 12 challenge. It was darn funny.

      • Oh, I would SO love to see that. I bet it’s fantastic, especially if it shocked the other writers. Are you going to post it?

      • Nope, I can’t post something I’m trying to sell traditionally or they won’t be interested in it. I’m told. My email’s on my about page. If you really want to see it, pop me an email and I’ll send you a copy to critique or beta read or slot into the circular file. Whichever is most at hand. 🙂 LOL I got a firestorm of no way, this isn’t a PB.

      • I didn’t realize you were still sending it out. Definitely don’t pass it around. They won’t publish it. You’re right. Just keep it to yourself so there won’t be any question about it. Good luck and I hope it’s your first of many books to be published. 🙂

      • Thanks, Gigi! I haven’t sent it out at all yet. I’m still finalizing. Rewriting. 🙂

      • Fingers crossed!!!!!!

  3. She has her heart in the right place but cats are so independent and are proud of their coats and spend hours ensuring that they look their best at all times

    • Good point. Most of them hate collars and clothing, unlike a lot of dogs I know:) Vicious Beast (Maggie the poodle) likes to dress up (the kids always dressed her up when she was a wee puppy) and will bite you if you try to take the clothes off of her.

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