I thought it was okay to use Pinterest photographs on our blogs.  I always give the artists credit and put all the available info under the picture.  It has come to my attention that this is walking a fine line, so I will trying to find different pictures to write about.  I’m so sorry about this because I love writing stories about the beautiful things on Pinterest.  However, if there is any question at all about using the pictures, I won’t do it.

If any of you have information about this issue please let me know.  Thank you.

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  1. maggie0019 says:

    Oh, another blogger got “in trouble” for having some music play in the background of one of his videos. It’s gotten ridiculous. Just to the point that I don’t use anyone’s pix except for my own. Sad, really, especially if you give the artists the credit – you’d think they’d want publicity from people doing it right.

  2. Dara Reidyr says:

    Pixabay says no attribution required. You could check them out.

    • It’s almost impossible to even find out what we can do. There is so much conflicting information everywhere. I’m going to play it safe and just use the one site that tells us that the pictures are free and no credit is even necessary to the person. It’s just there for our use.

      • paws2smile says:

        YES. The thing I don’t like with all this information out there is digging through to see which is actually true! I’m going to have to check out that site with the free pictures!

      • It’s definitely a problem. Pixabay states clearly that it is free and you don’t even have to credit them at all.

  3. I didn’t know this either. There used to be a time when they gave you code to embed photos on your blog. Your best bet is Wikimedia.

  4. Resa says:

    I cancelled my Pinterest account last year.
    In my Copyright page, I have a No Pinterest symbol.
    Pinterest is a lot about using other people’s copyrighted work without permission…. which is stealing. When I did have my P account, I asked permission from the artists/photographers/etc. first.
    No one ever asked my permission to use my photographs. Worse, when I would find them on Pinterest, there were never copyrights & usually the wrong info about it.
    I take pictures of Public Art. Much like public statues and sculptures, anyone (ie tourists) may take a picture, make a sketch etc. It is out in the public and is, therefore, for the public.
    I have spoken to 2 lawyers about this.
    As long as I make no claim to having created the art, or make no attempt to profit from my pictures of their public art (this is even in the grey) I am in the clear, and my photos are my intellectual property. Also, if an artist wanted to use one of my photos of a piece of their art for a commercial endeavor, they need my permission first.
    Not that you want to, but you may use any of my photos of street art from my blog. As long as I am copyrighted © Resa McConaghy. & the artist credited, if I have been able to ascertain the name. If someone else took the picture, you will find their name with a copyright symbol below the photo. I would need to ask their permission first.
    You have a lovely blog.
    Sheesh! Longest comment I’ve ever written.

    • Thank you so very much Resa. That’s a great privilege and I’m grateful to you. I never use anyone’s things without giving them credit. Never. But I’m going to cancel Pinterest tonight. I think that’s a great idea. You can reblog my stuff as well, anytime. 🙂 Thank you again.

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