Chasing heroin…A FRONTLINE program that was on PBS

Chasing Heroin

This is an important show.  Now that HEROIN ADDICTION has moved into the WHITE , middle and upper classes it’s being seen as a PROBLEM.  You might want to see what’s being done about it.  There are new programs to help addicts and to cut down on crime.  Addiction is being seen as a HEALTH ISSUE, instead of a criminal one.  There’s a lot of important info in this show.  The thing a lot of people/parents don’t realize is that they can’t tell when their children are using.  Kids are dying everyday from heroin.  Every single day.

I had a good friend who was a drug addict.  She LOVED being high, LOVED doing drugs.  She got involved with heroin.  She’s dead now.  She lost everything, including her life.  Truthfully, if she were half alive and able to drag herself to a dealer she would be doing it…looking for SPEED and heroin.  She always said she never wanted to stop doing drugs because she loved them.  Her death wasn’t pretty.  Her friend called me and said she was in the hospital and that she had ulcers and sores all over her legs, she was sick and a mess.  I told her they wouldn’t really help her because they wouldn’t want to waste the time, treatment and money on an addict.  She didn’t believe me.  After our friend died, she called me and said I was right.  They didn’t care.  No one could have helped her.  No one.  She lived in a different state where it was easier to get drugs.

They found my middle nephew dead in his bed from a heroin and cocaine mix.  My youngest nephew died from sorting cocaine…his heart stopped.

This FRONTLINE  program tells about the new programs and what they are doing to put into place.  It tells how addicts are being treated by the police and the criminal justice system.  The addicts are on the program and you can see the problem on the screen.

People don’t want to admit that their kids are on heroin, they don’t want to admit there is a problem.  That’s part OF the problem.

This is a good show.  Watch it if you have time.

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6 Responses to Chasing heroin…A FRONTLINE program that was on PBS

  1. Heartafire says:

    Drug addiction is an epidemic that does not discriminate . The plan in place to stop administrating legal pain relievers to the terminally ill will feed the heroin market and drug dealers. The FDA needs to take a good look at what it is already doing , withholding legal drugs prescribed for patients bt their Dr. Thank you Pam Bondi for leading the way for the outrageous guidelines already in place in Florida

    • That really is INSANE. This is about decriminalizing drug abuse and calling it a health issue so the courts will be unclogged and specific to the issue and the help will be organized and the addicts will be monitored.

      The white, right wing republicans are trying to get a law passed in Illinois that will not allow government funding to single mothers unless the the father’s name is on the birth certificate and can be proven with a DNA test. They want to punish single mothers and minority groups at the same time. They are a hateful bunch. Hopefully the democrats will kill it.

      • Heartafire says:

        That is insane. But with all the discrimination and la k of compassion not surprising. Where will it end!

  2. Cannot let republicans get into positions of power. That’s the only way.

  3. MK says:

    I watched that PBS show too. I was absolutely *stunned* at the images – white folks standing before a judge and black folks lying on the street with police pointing guns at them.

    I’m reminded of documentaries which consistently tie drug trafficking to our military campaigns. Like Vietnam, and Central America, and Afghanistan.

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