Okay, so…


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Quote by Cesar Chavez

I like Cesar Chavez.  I’ve boycotted for him and I think he’s a good guy, at least he seems to be, but sayings like this are meaningless.  No one cares what history will say about us.  History is simply one lie after another, written by whoever is running the show, is literate, and has the most power.  We don’t have a single school history book in the US written by Mexican, African American, Asian, or Women writers.  Our history books, the lies that are shoved down our throats, are written by white males who write what they want us to believe, not what actually happened.   No minority authors are taught on a regular basis and their books used as TEXT books in every school.

The thing is, people are suffering right now and telling them that people, five hundred years from now,  will think we were terrible,  doesn’t help anyone.    We look back on the atrocities that took place in the past but the people who were alive during those times suffered and died while the events were taking place.  We can say how terrible things were but that doesn’t help the people who lived and died because of those things.  And we will never know what actually happened anyway, not to the actual people, because they aren’t the ones who write the books.

History is a lie.  History is pretend.  History is all about white, elite, males and how they killed everyone and are proud of what they did.  History is war and death.  History has nothing at all to do with truth. The things taking place right now will be “white” washed and turned into something else and no one will FEEL it, or care.  History is a study of lies told by the powerful elite.

We need to take care of our problems and forget about what people, if there are any people left, will say about how terrible we are.  We already know that.  No one will care and whatever they read won’t be the truth anyway.  History is literally His Story and everything about His Story is told from HIS point of view.


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8 Responses to Okay, so…

  1. bwcarey says:

    good article, we need to read between the lines

  2. Resa says:

    I always wondered why it’s called history & not herstory.
    Anyway, our young idealistic Prime Minister has us bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees. He’s got lots of fab ideas, and all the nay-sayers can say is he’s spending too, much money. I say let’s give him a chance.

    • This are difficult times. A lot of refugees and that puts pressure on supplies and government services. In America, sometimes the refugees are put into really bad neighborhoods where things aren’t much better than where they came from, for the teens and young males. So many problems…we make them, of course, but still, we don’t seem to have a workable plan. I hope things work out for you.

      • Resa says:

        I hope things work out up here, too. I’m heart sickened by the suffering going on… for people & animals.
        A beautiful reality is only a thought away. I guess man can’t think.

      • I think you’re right. Men can’t think. Our government, run by men is out of control and works for itself, not for us.

  3. Then there’s the founding FORE Fathers. Why? Good points Bling! I love this! You are really good at this! 😀

    • Women fought hard to get the language changes. Ms. was laughed at and thought to be ridiculous. No one ever believed it would go mainstream, but it did. So did a lot of other words Mr. doesn’t tell anyone if a man is married. Mrs. and Miss do. so many words are stereotyped. Wimmin and wommin are usually the way I spell those words. I could go on and on but changes were made. Not enough but it’s a start.

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