Older women…


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  1. Trini Lind says:

    Love this! I wish my mom would understand this! 💖

    • I wish we could all feel that way, Trini, but it’s difficult when all the emphasis is on youth. It’s not about what you gain with age, it’s also about what you lose. Age, at least in the US, is not respected or honored, it’s something to avoid at all costs. Women are not allowed to get older but it’s okay for men. Everything is okay for men.

      • Trini Lind says:

        It is the same in Norway. It is so sad! Women start being afraid of aging when they are only 25! It is insane! Whereas men are considered to be even more desirable after 40! I don’t like this! I wish my mom, and women her age ( she is mid 50s) could think of themselves as role models for my generation. I mean all I hear is: take care of your youth, when you reach our age all is over! It is so sad! No wonder we are already dreading the aging process!

      • It’s sad that we are indoctrinated from the very beginning. That women are pitted against each other for men, acknowledgement, for everything. It’s not always like that, of course, I refuse to play those games and I always did but it’s there and a lot of women constantly compete against each other. The thing is, we are expected to be that way so that we do not join together to change the way we are treated. We are always being set against each other by the media, by our culture, so that we do not recognize our joint power to bring about change. It’s difficult for older women. If a man marries, or dates, someone 40 years younger than himself everyone thinks he’s lucky. If a woman dates a man 10 years younger than she is, she’s called names and a cradle robber. The double standard is alive and well and it’s there for a reason. Aging is a difficult thing, there’s no question about it…but it certainly doesn’t have to be what it is. Women need to going together. We need to think of each other as sisters but it’s not going to happen. Older women can become invisible, because they have no value, no power. Men have power and that’s why women who are 20 end up with guys who are 80. They wouldn’t be with them if the guy worked in a hardware store, I can tell you that. Women are kept powerless in everyday imaginable and that includes age. I understand why your home feels the way she does and no amount of talking will help because what she feels is real and comes from the entire culture/society that never stops telling her that her life is over because she’s too old. It’s insane, hateful, negates the vast amount of talent women could contribute to the world but men are in charge and they don’t want to give women anything. Not in the big picture. Sally Field play Tom Hanks mother in Forest Gump and they are the same age. That’s what happens to women. Men can be the love interest, on screen, until they are half dead, but women who are the same age are given roles for mother’s, grandparents, or the friend. If we ever want to change things we have to demand change by boycotting those films, by boycotting products that are anti-female, by not buying all the gossip rags at the check out counters. We need to stop playing the games, but the conditioning is so strong that I doubt you will be able to get enough women together to do anything. That’s the real tragedy.

      • Trini Lind says:

        Yes! I agree with everything you say! Women and girls can be so mean to each other when we really should be supporting each other and cheering each other on! I have never really played that game and always been quite blind to age myself, I treat 5 year olds, 15 year olds and 80 year olds with the same respect, and I have friends who are 7 and who are 85 😊. I think it is because I always look at the soul instead of the body. I wish more people would do that. Sometimes I wonder if it has to do with something so basic as natural instinct, that men can sire offspring their whole life whereas women cannot, so in an absurd animal way, we lose our value in society when we are of no use to evolution anymore. But it is weird to think that we are still governed by those instincts in 2016!

      • They used to blame women for all kinds of birth defects until they FINALLY tested men and old sperm can cause many things. Men couldn’t keep reproducing until they came up with a pill that would let them have sex. They blamed mothers for autism, saying they were cold to their children. Men never get blamed for anything even when they beat their family or rape their kids. Makes me sick. We are held down and kept apart because our culture teaches us to be this way. We do have to over come it. We have to see each other as allies not enemies. We have to stand up for ourselves and each other. That’s what the woman’s movement is all about. The media made it into something else in order to dismiss it but women came together and stood side by side and it made a difference. We need that again. We have to start seeing what’s being done to us.

      • Trini Lind says:

        Yes, I agree 🌹

  2. Heartafire says:

    that’s so true Gigi, she will always radiate beauty from within.

    • I think so, but it’s difficult in a youth oriented culture who tells you you’re old at twenty-one…unless your a male then you never get old, you just get better.

      • Heartafire says:

        haha…you haven’t seen some of the guys I have! We are like fine wine ofcourse, improving with age, softer, gentler, wiser! I’ve earned every one of these wrinkles…er laugh lines.

  3. I’m with you! All the way. We shouldn’t erase ourselves.

  4. AWE Bling I love this! I had this feeling once that no matter how old we get we always look the best at whatever age we are! I know this! I think you are beautiful Bling! I do I know we never say that to each other but I feel to right now! I love you Bling! ❤

  5. Reblogged this on Show An~Tell Me About It! and commented:
    You guys this is not Gigi [Bling] but this is how beautiful she is, truly. I’ve seen her with my own two eyes and she probably won’t like this but I have to say truly she’s beautiful, wise and her heart is beautifully giving & supportive. I’m so thankful to call her friend! I love you Bling Gigi! Sounds funny to call you Gigi!

    • Thank you so much Bling. I am very grateful for your kind and sweet words and I agree, it seems weird to type MichelleMarie as well. LOLOL I can’t think of you as anything but Bling:) Love you and appreciate you so very much:) ❤ ❤

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