Art and the philosophy of life

Sondra J. York

Collage by:  Gigi

Sondra,  also known as Happy,  loved rats and felt that they were terribly misunderstood.

“Certainly rats will eat garbage but that’s only because no one is feeding them proper food,” she told a reporter, who was interviewing her at her estate.

Sondra was quite wealthy, you see, and her rats were very well cared for.  They each had several small hats to wear when tea was served, or when guests stopped by.  Carol, a large brown rat, loved donuts.  All the rats loved donuts, of course, but Carol was the only one who liked donuts with pink frosting and sprinkles on top.  Beverly (lower right) could see much better, once she was given glasses, and Mabel, who adored rubies, did not like hats.

Sondra started THE BEAUTY OF RATS FOUNDATION many years ago and it was quite successful.  The Foundation distributed pamphlets and leaflets,  which described the wonders of rats and why they made the very best of companions.  They were also more than happy to send a speaker to any school, or group, who was interested in what they had to say.

Sondra’s picture (see above), hangs in the Foyer of THE BEAUTY OF RATS FOUNDATION, which is now used for weddings and other gala events.  Pamphlets and leaflets are still available and if a speaker is requested, one will appear.

T-shirts, bearing the Foundation’s name and logo are available for purchase.  The money raised from the sale of merchandise, goes to printing more pamphlets, to pay the gardner and to save more rats.  Generations of beautiful rats have grown up at The Foundation and their photographs line the hallways.

Sondra’s name is whispered with love and reverence, by rats everywhere.  Stories are told of her generosity and kindness.  She was a sweet and loving woman and the Rats will never forget what she tried to do for them.  There is a memorial in the park of a major city, one that the rats made just for her.  There are always bits of cheese and rose petals at the monument.  Rats go there to pay their respect to a great and loving woman who could see the beauty behind the lies.

Comments on: "Sondra J. York" (8)

  1. Love it! If only more people would wake up & see how wonderful these animals can be if given the chance! 💗🐀

    • We always had rats and mice as pets. My daughter loves them and as an adult she had a rat room and would play with them and they got into her old dollhouse and looked out the windows and laid on the beds. LOLOL They were so wonderful, always riding on our shoulders or in our pockets:) Intelligent, immaculate and so much fun.

  2. I love this Bling! I was thinking how funny if someone wanted to know where to send donations to the foundation because you write so convincingly! ❤

  3. I’m sorry but rats are just not my thing. Love your story though

    • Thank you. We love them. They are sweet, loving and so very clean. They like to play and ride around on your shoulder:) They are just the kindest and most loving beings.

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