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  1. John, one question please, and I’m not meaning to be rude or put you no the spot, but I must ask !~ Why do you place yourself amongst “the poor?” You’re not. Let’s face it. To the avg man you are WEALTHY and talk like you’re in poverty.

    • Just because he’s not poor doesn’t mean he’s not for policies that help the poor. That’s the thing, we all have to work to help everyone and make sure the laws don’t just favor the rich/wealthy. That’s what he’s saying. He’s pointing out the fact that the system is unfair. He is not remaining silent and by voicing the fact that the law discriminates against the poor he is doing something to try and bring about change. We all need to speak out. I don’t know why the church is exempt from the law or paying taxes. Why do companies that pollute not get fined? Or put out of business. The system is owned by the rich and talking about it may (fingers crossed) bring people back into the streets to protest. He’s just doing his part, he’s sarcastic and is fighting the system. It’s rich people who remain silent that are the problem.

  2. georgiakevin said:

    This is spot on! Jon Stewart has a way of cutting through the junk exposing policies and the stupidity that seems more and more prevalent in society today.

  3. 😦 This is very sad to have to read but I’m glad when I can read someone with a little more coverage than I have says these things … thanks Gigi for posting this.

    • The wealthy people are in total charge of our lives. They get to decide what happens to us AND they get to decide what happens to themselves. Not hard to figure out why the world is such a mess. They can pass laws that give them everything they want and the people themselves are powerless.

      • My dearest Gigi, the wealthy (let’s say powerful) have always been in total charge of our lives since the day we began to delegate power over our lives to them way back in the days of our first decision to live in a group, and yes, that’s probably why the world is in a mess. The thing that we don’t understand, even now, is that it is we who give these people our power.

        This is why the humanities are being neglected, this is why history and historiography are being shunted out of our lives, this is why we are flooded with low-grade literature and entertainment.

        We don’t need a revolution Gigi, we need an evolution.

        People like Chomsky, Zinn and Diamond (just a few really) have shown us how it has happened, and how it is continuing to happen. Unfortunately far too many people are in the sway of the mystique that they need someone to think for them. So we have religious intolerance, ideological intolerance, racism and are generally xenophobic wrecks clinging to smooth talking con artists to whom we have delegated our lives, our children’s lives and the destiny of our home.

  4. Absolutely true. It all stems from the insane belief in patriarchy…in the believe that, “father knows best.” Every generation hands over it’s power, freedom and rights to incompetent, lying males, who have only their own best interest at heart. We need to stop NOW. I agree with you…people have been taught to believe they are incapable of taking care of themselves. It’s so twisted and crazy. I don’t know why everyone CAN’T SEE WHAT’S GOING ON! It’s worse everyday and still, people look the other way. Without government who would start wars? Why do we hand over our children to die for oil or goods or power? War is about money. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT MONEY and all mine is…bits of paper and metal. Something else we pretend is real. America isn’t supposed to go to war unless the enemy is at our shores and yet we are constantly at war. Americans are now considered to be, and are treated as, criminals and suspects in our own country. All of us are guilty until proven innocent. Taxes, Minimum Wages, all the ‘isms’, it’s just patriarchy and all the hate they bring to the table. It’s always been this way because men have been in charge. They beat and kill anything that gets in their way. Life doesn’t HAVE to be this way. We ALLOW it to be this way.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I appreciate it very much.

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