If you avoid advertisement…

Collage by:  Gigi

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2 Responses to If you avoid advertisement…

  1. Deborah says:

    So true! Very hard to do, but it is possible. One of the things I liked most about being in Taiwan. Even when I couldn’t avoid it, I couldn’t always understand it. 😉

    • Good point:) If you go to Washington, DC or places in Europe you don’t see billboards, and ads blocking out the scenery or the sun. They are ugly and take away our line of site. I stopped buying magazines (and I wrote letters telling them why) because there wasn’t a whole article on any page Everything was broken up with ads and mostly about diseases and terrible things I don’t want to think about all the time. So I just buy magazines without ads or get them from the library. I am not gong to support those things. They make life worse, not better and while they are necessary, in some cases, to get the magazine into print, the one’s I actually like are ad free. I can’t stand the billboards.

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