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What if…


Picture from:  Pinterest
Kinshasa, RD Congo

What if…all the soldiers in the world were to have dinner with those they were fighting against, on December 25th.  A dinner where they would share food, pictures of their families and tell stories about the places they lived.  If they could eat together and laugh together, would they still be able to kill each other the next day?

War is about killing strangers.  If soldiers became friends would war be possible?

Comments on: "What if…" (5)

  1. I love the photo you included very much.

  2. VEry evocative art… and yes that is a lovely idea. I don’t think it would put an end to things cause as we know some wars have brother killing brother but it certainly would help. At least it would make a difference for some.

  3. You’re right…it might make a difference for some.

  4. posting on A4P on 12/23 🙂

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