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From Bored Panda:

Comments on: "Survivors of acid attacks…women who had acid thrown in their faces by men for a number of reasons, including saying no to marriage. This has to stop. As women we must do what we can to stop the violence against us…around the world. We need to get into the street, boycott, do whatever it takes to make men responsible for their actions against us." (10)

  1. I’m furious and sick to my stomach looking at these.

    • Fury is what’s needed. To be able to destroy a persons face and life because she said, “No.” Men hate women and that’s a fact. My genius professor said, “Men can love individual women, but they hate women as a whole.” He was brilliant and he knew the score.

  2. This is such an evil & horrendous act. I just don’t get that mentality. :/

  3. Reblogged this on THE PRODIGY OF IDEAS and commented:
    Those women, victims of bad men, are superheroines.

    • Men destroy the lives of women. That’s it. Safety is always an issue…everywhere. Women live in a war zone, no matter where they are. It’s wrong. To be disfigured and in pain for life because men are ALLOWED to hurt women whenever they fell like it is a crime. Well, it SHOULD BE. But since men make the laws, they can do whatever they want.

      • Men are the most presence in the government in every state. Men make sure that women don’t get to places of power. Even in states where there seems to be more freedom for women, they are always abused and killed. Even powerful women sometimes undergo subtle abuse. I think that women should teach their daughters not to give any power to the men they love. The new girls should be more sly and live for themselves. love is often the grave of all freedom for women. The women let themselves be convinced and let themselves be guided, subjugated and abused. They should learn from a young age to do without this toxic love.

      • You said that beautifully. But culture TEACHES girls to be the way they are. Women have to teach girls the TRUTH and break the cycle. Men are death on a grand scale and no,men never stand up to other men and try and stop them from the terrible things they do.

      • I think most of us are mothers and we first have to teach our daugters to love themselves and that men are dangerous. We have to teach them not to think about Love and to save them from death.

      • We have to teach them that men are dangerous and sometimes we can’t tell until it’s too late. They can see what happens to women but they will always fall in love. Still, we need to educate them, warn them, teach them to fight.

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