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Lucy is getting ready for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the mike, Lucy couldn’t chirp loud enough to be heard over the music, so they decided Cinnamon would hum instead.


Chickmas time

everyone tells me that Chickmas Time
is a very special season
a time when humans are happier
when they are kinder
when they get together
and exchange gifts
a time when they kill and eat pigs
who are beautiful and sweet animals
a time to send cards
a time to spread joy and love
(except to the pigs, of course)
a time to decorate their houses
and bake cookies

the thing is
that’s what it’s like at The Coop
almost every single day
except we love our pig friends
and would never kill or eat them
because, as I said, we love them
and we would never eat living beings
not even humans
because chicklets extend love to everyone
not just certain ones

humans shouldn’t sing joy to the world
they should sing joy to certain beings and then name them
that would be more honest
because they seem to have little regard for anyone but themselves
and even then they are on shaky ground

so during this season of parties and laughter
we chicklets will be celebrating all life
and the only wish we have
it’s the same every year
is that humans will stop killing and torturing us

Merry Chickmas to all
and unlike humnas
WE really mean all


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  1. Yaaaay!! 💖💖. Loooooove this! 🎁🐣🐥🌟

  2. ──────────────▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
    Hi Bling look Bob for you

  3. Heartafire said:

    Merry Christmas…with a bow on top and a hug. I really mean it.

    • Thank you and Merry Chickmas to you as well. Love and joy to you and yours, my friend.

      • Same to you…I hope it’s the best.

      • I’m looking forward to it this year. Hope yours is lots of fun. I just hope our weather holds.

      • I hope so too! it is 84 degrees here today but dipping to 73 tomorrow. I will be in Miami Christmas so I am sure it will be a warm one. 😀

      • It’s 30 degrees here and that’s the expected high for tomorrow as well. Blah. Miami sounds fantastic.

      • Blah is right, I would die there!

      • Sometimes I think those of us who continue to live here, feel that way now and then.

      • Heartafire said:

        My husband is from Chicago, he remembers it as a kid, he really loved it there. The snow, sledding all that stuff.

      • Doing almost anything can be fun when you’re growing up. It’s after that…LOLOL when you realize that you have grown up and things have become more work than fun and while you weren’t cold as a kid, you’re freezing now. 🙂 Once responsibility and everything else kicks in…the sledding gets shoved to the back and you have to figure out how to get out of the garage and not kill yourself on the ice. LOLOL But the skating and sledding was fun when I was a kid. Snowball fights, building forts and all the rest. Never thought about the problems the snow made then. Do now. 🙂

      • Heartafire said:

        I know, it’s a hard life in the cold winter up north, many people have heart attacks shoveling snow, or perhaps have no heat. It is a wonderland, but can be a dangerous one as well. that is life!

      • The wonderland lasts for a few hours then the snow turns filthy black and looks terrible. Unless you’re by open fields (there are not unless you go to the country). the streets are outlined by black snow and it’s icky but…for the first few hours, it’s gorgeous and SILENT. I like to stand outside, after a heavy snowfall because it’s absolutely silent. You can’t hear anything…as if a blanket was put over the earth and it’s the most wonderful thing.

  4. beautifully written 😉

  5. This is so wonderful Gigi. Love the chicklets view on life.

  6. Peter Schreiner said:

    I’d rather have a Chickmas day than a Christmas day any day.

  7. Merry, Merry Chickmas! I sometimes (often) wish i could live at The Coop instead of among humans…but i know if they let humans in the magic would be destroyed….

    • That’s true. It’s in an alternative dimension, right next to ours. But they invited you to the party so…But humans are bad news and they steer clear. They only come out to rescue other animals and birds. Otherwise they are smart enough to stay away from us.

  8. Chickmas sounds like a great holiday to celebrate!

  9. posting on A4P later tonight

  10. Love this poem, so thanks for blogging it, followed it back from A4P. I would like to have a Chickmas, as long as I and Genevieve where not the Chickens eaten at the human table! Went to midnight mass, as Gen is Catholic, She asked me what a Baha’i was doing a a Catholic celebration, I answered, just because I love you, and maybe, if we show love for one another, and de-emphasized the commercial aspects of Christmas, and peoples reached out across communities, it could be a really great and meaningful day for the world. Interestingly poetry was read out between the carols, sung just before the mas started, and the band included drums, strings, clavichord, flute and guitar. Spellcheck is a bit out of date, it has never heard of Chickmas! I think I will share this and re-blog it. Have a great Christmas, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • It sounds as if you had a wonderful experience. And I agree with you. Religion shouldn’t matter. The person is important and if religions are different, it doesn’t have anything t do with loving each other. Unfortunately, for many people it does, but that’s because they have been taught to be fearful and defensive. Chickmas and The Coop are inclusive. There is no religion, they just love everyone and their hearts are open, accepting and pure. That’s what the chicklets are. Thank you so much. I’m so happy you like them and they are meaningful to you. Happy holiday.

      • Thanks; I have often wondered why or how religion, which should bring peace and love to the world, often brings, fear, loathing, and hatred. I stopped being a Christian because of this. I studied a lot of wars (I am also a historian, and found often religious troubles and wars have more to do with economic disparities, but have religious
        overtones, which is what we pick up on. A lot of the differences between religions, seem to me to be caused by man’s interpretation of the work of God, rather than the actual scriptures themselves. I believe that one day their will be a universal language, that women will be seen and treated as equals, race and station in society will no longer matter, armed forces and gun will no longer exist, and people will honor and look after the planet and its diversity. This unfortunately will probably not happen in my life time. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • I agree with everything you said. Religion has caused more death, war, hatred and division than any other thing on the planet. People can’t even TALK about it without fighting or getting upset. I truly hope your vision of the future comes true. I think you’re right, it won’t come in our lifetimes but I hope that it does come true eventually.

      • I like to hope, if you have no hope what do you have? thanks for this reply, I sometimes think I am alone in this thought. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Hope is what keeps us going but it can’t ever manifest without action. We need to talk about issues and take action to make change. It’s difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible, because of the huge imbalance in power, but we can’t give up, not ever. We must instill this in coming generations. It seems that they are far more accepting of their lack of freedom and power. They are more involved in taking photographs of themselves and playing with their toys. You are not alone Charles. Most definitely. 🙂

      • Yes, I have always been on the active side, and for this reason, am bard from entering many countries as I have anti-Apartheid police records, so have been refused entry into the US.A for instance (these records were waived for Mandela rightly, though I note Tokyo Sexwale was turned away) I will be trying for a Shengen visa to Europe in the next few years, will be interesting to see if it goes any better) So if Apartheid could be removed then action can change other wrongs as well, and maybe we will all be free to travel more freely!

      • They want to keep you out because you make a difference. That’s how it works. The people in power don’t like those who want change and are willing to do something to make it happen. I hope things change in the future and you can travel wherever you like.

      • Meantime am enjoying travelling locally, and doing things out here, as I always did.

      • I’m happy for you. You are a person of action and that’s a good thing for sure. I was arrested, along with my daughter and our friends for drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. Huge trial. The local government looked like idiots and the press had a field day, saying that children could be arrested for hopscotch (the officials had to say that was true or they wouldn’t have been able to charge us). We were not charged, in the end, as anarchists, which is what their lawyers said we were, but we were on probation and our records were sealed and we couldn’t get them through the Freedom of Information Act. LOLOL Freedom, right?

      • Yes, it seems freedom has different meanings depending who you are! Anarchist! Out here art was used as a toll against the system, one got arrested for things like Communistic practices(?), the propagation of socialist practices, or breaking the race relations acts, etc. All nonsense, I think local and national government does more harm to society than good. Oh dear, what is this thing called freedom. I had a friend whose family lived in the States, she lived in South Africa, had come back in 1994 to help with education, and was not allowed back into the States (as it happened she was Muslim). She fell in love and had a bay with a fellow that turned to drink and began to abuse her badly, so she ran away to relatives in Cape Town, but wanted to show here parents and sisters the baby, so she flew to Canada (not being allowed back into the States) they met up on the Canadian side of the border, and her family decided to try and smuggle her in by hiding her and the baby under a tarpaulin, as they were going through the baby started crying and in the ensuing mayhem, the baby got suffocated. She was tried and found guilty of killing her own baby and was deported. When her mother died a a few years later, she was barred from coming back to attend the funeral. This is what governments do to people. I wrote a libretto to an opera, based loosely around this indecent, It has no music to it as most composers, see it as being too political, and to anti American. So yes Freedom…

      • Everyone talks about love and peace but we live in opposition to those very things. Fear, control, money, power and the status quo seem to be the only things that are important. What a terrible story. Heartbreaking.

      • Yes, and unfortunately it is not an uncommon story, hence my using it as the basis of the Opera. Here live in a society riddled with inequalities, with dominating in society, though I feel this may improving a bit.

      • Any improvement is a good thing, as long as it’s not used to pacify people into believing things are different when they are not. Where do you live?

      • Cape Town South Africa, I think as more become co-opted into the middle classes. Also at school the children are learning to live together and to accept each others ideas, cultures and religion. This is not a legislated thing, though our very liberal constitution does help.

      • Nice to know where you live:) I’m so happy you are seeing an improvement, especially with the children. That’s where the changes will truly take hold:)

      • Yes, provided the adults do not get to involved, that is when the troubles come. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Adults do have a tendency to mess things up, no doubt about that. Have a wonderful New Year weekend and a prosperous and healthy 2016.

      • Sorry fell asleep in front of the computer is nearly 04.15, so must hurry off to bed, have a great year filled with lots of interest, friendship, love, health and prosperity; Charles.

      • LOL I’ve done that once or twice, believe me. 🙂 Thank you:)

      • Lately if its not in front of the computer then it is in my reading chair, probably because I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day. Have a great New Year, hope it will be full of interest, happiness, Charles

      • I’ve been getting 4 to 5 hours now. I used to be like you but this DARK winter is driving me crazy and I’m getting more sleep. I’m ready to move. Finally. I just can’t take the constant darkness anymore.

      • Where are you thinking of moving to, presumably further south, to miss the severe winters, and have more hours of light. Here we are lucky as we are virtually guarantied 8 hours of sun a day for almost 80% of the year. The downside are water restrictions, and days in a row near the 40C mark in summer. Hope you find a great place to move to. :-). Charles.

      • Chicago gets 84 completely sunny days A YEAR! Yes, I said 84! I just looked it up. It’s something like 186 days with partial sun or a glimpse of sun, but only 84 days of all sun a year. The best thing to do would be to leave in the winter and return in the summer. It’s something to think about, that’s for sure. Oh well. Just keep all the lights on and pretend that it’s not dark. LOL

      • What a harsh climate, that’s why I choose to stay in ailing South Africa, the harshness works the other way!I know lots of Americans and Europeans, who live in Cape Town from November until March, April, then go back home for Spring and summer. Perhaps you can migrate to the southern states for the worst of winter then come back home. 🙂

      • A lot of people do that. They are called Snow Birds:) I may do that next year.

      • I hope next year will be a very good one for you, and that the uncertainties and struggles of this year will be a thing of the past. Best wishes, peace and blessings, Charles.

      • For you as well. Have a great year and let’s hope the world is a happier place in 2016.

      • Yes, hopefully more peace and understanding and less violence, more movement towards healing the earths wounds, and more love for people, animals, plants and the environment. A lot to hope for but all necessary. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • Necessary if we are all to survive long term, no doubt about it. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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    Welcome to Chickmas, enjoy this wonderful poem and art work by one of the greats of WordPress.

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