Art and the philosophy of life


Picture from: Pinterest

Street/graffiti artists ask good questions.

Comments on: "Any answers????? Maybe a better question would be how many dollars would it take?" (4)

  1. Heartafire said:

    it seem the home grown terrorists are having no problem procuring the money it needs to run a bomb building factory in their garage…a recent trip to Saudi…to pakistan. We must stop Isis.

    • The idea that people want to kill random amounts of innocent people is just so incredibly insane. But that’s what war is. War is killing strangers. I don’t get it. If we stop one group it seems another one pops up immediately.

      • Heartafire said:

        We have endure horrific wars, and have not always been where we should be, but I think radical fundamentalists (on all sides) are the dangerous and dispicable. The pure evil of ISIS is so pervasive they are a threat to the future of the free world as we know it. I don’t feel like wearing a Burka.

  2. I agree with you 100%!!!! They have to be stopped.

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