Art and the philosophy of life


Photograph from: Pinterest

Kindness is all that really matters in life.  You don’t have to love everyone you just have to be kind to all living things and peace and respect will automatically follow.  There is no room for violence, or power over others, in kindness.  Kindness comes directly from one’s heart and it’s always free.

Comments on: "Being kind to all living things…" (7)

  1. Many thanks for your kindness.

  2. I love this post. I love watching the birds out of my window – they really do life my soul. That is what we should be thinking of, when we look at our fellow beings

    • I agree. There is so much beauty around us. It makes me so happy to see all the birds, raccoons, skunks, possums and cats in my yard. I love that the crows are coming back (after the big die off). If only we could just be happy and enjoy life without all the wars and violence pushing its way into everything. I try to hold on to the beauty but I’m so furious with those who never stop destroying everything. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to look the other way, to just ‘let it go,’ or not care but I can’t do that. I see it and I want to stop it Raewyn. I just can’t stand it. And all just because some men feel they have the right to destroy whatever they like. I feel that if I’m not angry and trying to change things then I’m saying that I agree with what’s going on and I don’t…not a single bit.

  3. Such an adorable baby:)

  4. posting on A4P 12/22

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