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Always remember…


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Each of us can ONLY ever see things from our own perspective, anything else is impossible.  Therefore, whatever we look at is only real to us, our own take on what we see.  When people look at us they see what they see from their entire life experience (world view), including their specific upbringing, culture, beliefs, prejudices, hates, expectations (realistic or not), things they love and admire (even if they aren’t there) and all the rest.  So there is no actual reality, there are only individual realities.  If we are lucky, we meet people whose realities are a bit like our own and then we can understand each other better and be friends.  At least that’s the way I see it…that’s my reality. 🙂

Comments on: "Always remember…" (14)

  1. Food for thought and I think the same too.

  2. True
    As I did U

  3. Pretty much the way I see it, too.

  4. I think this fits well with your parenting rant about strict parents. People who judge their kids too harshly — it’s really about them and their own needs not about what’s best for the kids at all.

  5. Indeed! Couldn’t agree more. Your thoughts and words can never define me and who I am. You be you and I be me. Thank you for this!

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