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If you can handle it…


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  1. Aren’t they all 😉

  2. I know that the men who have been in my life might not agree that it was worth it. Often the outside package doesn’t reveal the insides. Surprise !!But it is hard to return the merchandise.

    • Not that hard to return the merchandise, I just walk away and never look back, no more headaches for me from a passionate chaotic woman.

      • Always one way to do it, that’s for sure. It’s what a lot of women do as well…I think walking away is the answer to a lot of things:)

      • It sure is, specially with toxic people. You just walk away and never look back. I see a lot of people overthinking and attaching themselves too much to people, they eventually get depressed. Not my thing to be down, life is to short to spend it thinking or being around people that don´t take away something good away from. And as the Spanish saying goes “better be alone than with bad company”

      • I certainly agree with that.

      • I totally agree. Walking away is usually a pretty sane way to handle it. It worked for me……I was always the one to walk away and it saved everyone so much more suffering and drama.

      • It sure is the best option.
        By the way just went to your blog, great art work.

      • Thanks. By the by….I’m very passionate but not chaotic at all. I just do what I must and try not to cause any pain. I appear very quiet and malleable but beneath the surface is a ruthless seeker of truth. Life is short and we must live it to the fullest. Have a splendid day.

      • I think you just defined chaos. You can’t be contained…you live your own way and do what you want to do. You levee situations that don’t enhance your life and you create. None of those things are considered to be sheep-like, the norm, acceptable for women. Everything you said makes you chaotic to the system that is there to keep us in place. You live your passion and that’s a dangerous thing to do. Passion is chaos and expresses itself by it’s own rules. At least that’s what it means to me.

      • I like that. Then I am chaotic. In my terms I would never refer to myself as chaotic because inside I am steady and strong. But your meaning I like and that is me. Party on my friend. Luv g

      • It is definitely you. 🙂 It’s in your work and your words and the way you talk about your dogs and where you live. You are a force. It’s wonderful. Love G

      • Birds of a feather…….

      • Just a second thought……I have always thought that if I were living in an earlier century I could have been burned at the stake. Oh dear….maybe I was. My 3 daughters-in-law and my daughter would also be termed chaotic and passionate. Lucky me for the company.

      • One of my professors actually told me that I would be burned at the stake if we were in different times. LOLOL I know you would be there too. Any woman who thinks for herself, who lives her life her own way, disrupts the status quo and is considered a menace and chaotic. I’m so proud of that label. Like tornadoes that leave a mess in their wake…that’s what chaotic women do..they leave change behind without even being aware of it. All the chaotic women who came before me, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, all the brave and brilliant women, taught me how to be tough and strong and I am so grateful to them. Through our art and our lifestyle, we can pass along their legacy to others so that the tradition of chaotic women never ends. ❤ Good company one and all.

      • Thank you Gigi for opening my understanding of passion and chaos. I like it. And I don’t rush to meddle with another’s thoughts unless they are in my face. However I can see the chaos now and it is not a negative thing. Perhaps a fallout of the passion. This is so interesting…….like a window has been opened and new air rushed inside. Very trippy my friend.

      • I’m so glad:) I’ve always liked chaos…it shakes things up, turns things upside down and give me a new perspective. The universe is chaotic, always exploding and reforming and that’s what artists are like. People who don’t follow the rules see things in a different way and set things in motion. Chaotic people are never easily controlled, that’s why when civilizations start to fall they arrest all the artists fist, because they know they can inspire and create chaos among the people.

      • Complacency gets you a seat on the couch.

      • I think you’re right, it’s the only sane thing to do. I always walked away from people who weren’t good for me. Life is too short to be miserable and run in circles.

    • You’re right. A lot of men can’t handle it. I agree. I was lucky, my husband knew me since I was 14 so he knew what he was getting into and he liked it. It was never a problem but it is for a lot of men. ” Hard to return the merchandise.” That’s so true.

  3. ❤ Fabulously and true 🙂

  4. Bling I want to say something but I don’t know what so….I love this a lot! 💕💜

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