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Isn’t it amazing how beautiful livings beings are?  We could concentrate on that, on how we are surrounded by amazing things.  We could make sure that all living things are cared for and protected.  Make sure they have what they need.  We can stop taking their habitats, poisoning their food and water.  We can be be careful and polite.  Gorgeous landscapes, birds, animals, all sorts of beings are everywhere (everywhere we haven’t destroyed).  But instead, we barely see the things around us, more so than ever with our eyes locked onto one screen or another.  And as the beauty of our world passes ever farther into the background, as it disappears forever, we hardly notice. I think there’s something really wrong with that.  I think there’s something really wrong with us.

Comments on: "What a beautiful world it could be…" (8)

  1. Greed and avarice.

  2. What legacy are we leaving for our children? Scary thought

  3. Well said. Something’s wrong. ❤

  4. That’s what we need…hope. Thank you.

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