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Rape…2 pictures

cbd5111025b1ab791336512709c62bd77294d1cfbca50e104a3b5a6288947cbcBoth pictures from: Pinterest

We need to stop talking about this and start acting.  See this is when I can no longer be a peaceful person.  I think of baseball bats breaking legs and splitting heads open.  I think of watching rapists bleed out where they lay and smiling, thinking what a good day it is that one of them will never hurt anyone again.  That’s what this kind of thing does, it makes me want to do anything to make it STOP.  Men think women hate them.  I think they should wonder why we like any of them at all, when this is what they do to us. And no, we can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.  It’s impossible, so don’t bother saying you would never do it because we can’t tell what any of you would do…not really.  Not ever.  Ask a woman who got married to a sweet guy who starts beating her on their wedding night.  Yeah, it IS like that for some women.  Collage campuses are dangerous places for female students.  Everywhere is dangerous for women and girls.  I’m so BLOODY SICK OF THIS GARBAGE!  I’m buying a bat today and I’m taking it everywhere I go.  I don’t have that little thing that would stop me from being a furious woman, I never had that.  I’m just SICK of the violence, the pain, the torture and the fear that females have to endure every single day, until they die…it’s all over the world and it’s ENOUGH!  So to my sisters everywhere, get a bat and don’t leave it in the car.  Decorate it with nails sticking out, some sparkles,  and use it as an accessory but never leave it at home.

There is a lot of good information in the “comment” section.  I suggest you read what others have written.  Thank you.

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  1. So true Gigi. I am making sure that my son respects his girlfriend. That he listens to her, and helps her when she needs it. She is a lovely girl and they are good together. And I am telling my daughter to be true to herself and be strong. It is time to stand up and stop believing it is all our fault – it is not. Men are the problem. Not women.

    • Thank you for that. You are absolutely right. My husband was fabulous and my son was a good man as well. It’s not that there aren’t good men, it’s just that we can’t tell who they are.

  2. It can be a nasty world out there

  3. Peter Schreiner said:

    I encourage all women to carry a gun. You can do that legally in most states now. And while at it, practice and know you gun in and out. It is your friend. But if you insist on a bat, use a small souvenir size bat because your fight will most likely be close in and a big bat is unwieldy.

    • Excellent advice. I took self defense lessons and Tae Kwon Do. I know bats aren’t good weapons, You’re right. A friend of mine was dragged into an alley but stabbed the guy in the stomach and got away. I have a small knife that can do a lot of damage. Women should also carry their keys in their hands with the points coming out of their fingers and go for the eyes. The dental assistant, I saw today, told me that her daughter is getting her card to carry a concealed weapon because of her job. And yes, don’t carry anything if you don’t know how to use it because it can be taken from you and used AGAINST you. I know women who carry canes as weapons. But you’re right, not a good choice. Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful comment. Appreciate them.

      • Peter Schreiner said:

        Gigi, I left off one important tip then I’ll let it rest. Take it for what it’s worth. Always keep your gun loaded, except when you’re cleaning it of course, and never lock it. Few things are as dangerous as an unloaded or locked gun when you need one. If there are children in the house, teach them gun respect and how to shoot. Take them shooting and let them see what a hollow point or Hydra-Shok will do to a perfectly good watermelon.

        Here’s hoping you never encounter any threatening situations. But if you do, kick ass.

      • Peter you are fabulous. I love the things you write. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice. I also hope thatI don’t encounter any thing more threatening than I already have. But if I do, I promise to kick as hard as I can. ❤

  4. respect, respect, respect. and equality. it’s preached and followed in our house thank God.

  5. Makes me furious and disgusted too. The bats sound like a good idea but i’m sure some law would be passed to keep women from having them. As you know I have a knife. It has saved me.

    The MOST important thing women need to do with any weapon is learn how to use it, practice with it till they are comfortable with it because if you don’t and have to pull it it can be taken from you and used against you.

    My best friend gave me my first knife when i was 17 and insisted I practice open and closing it smoothly… and using it. I stabbed plenty of cardboard foes 😉

    I NEVER expected to have to use it, not really but when I had to…i knew how.

    • I love your comment and read it twice. I just said a couple of the things in it, in an above response. I think you’re fabulous. And everything you said was spot on. Women need to KNOW how to use weapons and how to defend themselves. If you don’t know how to use something it can definitely be used against you. I think these things should be taught in all schools starting in first grade (with rubber knives).

  6. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:
    I can totally get the anger the author of this post feels. I think we all can relate. It probably comes from feeling so numb because we all know that we can’t do anything really to prevent another rape.

    We just had this shocking case of a 14 year old girl being gang raped only last week. Gang raped by four or five men. Men, not boys. Men, that are 20 to 30-something years old.

    So many things that shock you when you read about this case. The life of a 14 year old girl will never be normal again. She will always be haunted by what happened to her. Her family will struggle, her friends, her boyfriend who was with her but couldn’t protect her. Many lives affected and in a way destroyed by 4 or even 5 assholes that are not men enough to be able to control their urges.

    What’s shocking as well and what makes me angry is that questions were raised about why the girl and the boy were in the park at such a late time. They seriously questioned the girl. As always there were people making comments about the possibility that she might have triggered it. Seriously? As if a 14 year old, any woman, would like to be gang raped by men she does not know. Let me tell you something: The idea a young girl having fantasies about being raped by one or more men are so far from the reality.

    I do get the feeling of wanting to hurt a rapist so badly. I totally get it. Cutting off some parts comes to my mind. But slowly. And then throw it away and let him bleed to death. But then do we really want to get down to that level? Maybe, right. When it hits home. When someone in your family is affected. I know that I would have major issues controlling myself if it would be my daughter, my son, who would have been hurt.

    I think that we will unfortunately always have to deal with perverts like this. What I hope will change one day is that society tries to find an excuse for the perverts actions and finally see that you can’t just take what you want, when you want it. That finally rape gets labeled for what it is. That finally society is not trying to blame the victim for wearing the wrong things, for acting the wrong way, for saying the wrong things, for using too much makeup, for wearing a provoking lipstick, for being out too late, for moving in a certain way and all the BS that gets listed after a crime like that.

    Fact is, that when a man rapes a woman (a woman rapes a man, a man rapes a man, a woman rapes a woman and so on), no consent was given. Someone decided that they want something and they want it now, no matter what the other person wants. And that’s just not okay. Why is it so hard to understand how wrong it is?

    Imagine I would want your car. I want it now. And I don’t care if you want to give it to me or not. So I just take it. I take it although you said no to me. You told me that you don’t want me to take it. But I don’t care. I take it and if necessary I use force. I just take it. Is society claiming that you parked the car at the wrong place at the wrong time? Is society saying that you should have chosen another color or another brand? Is society saying that it’s your fault for whatever reason? No! In this case society accepts that something was done wrong and nobody questions it. If I would take your car I would be a thief, no matter what.

    That is something that makes me incredibly angry and I just can’t understand why a life, a body has less value than a thing…

    • This is a great reply. Thank you so much. It starts so early…in court, with a man telling the judge that the 4 year old he raped was leading him on (true case) or the one where the judge threw the case out because he thought the woman was too ugly to be raped. Both judges were no longer judges after that because women went insane and got them kicked off the bench.

      The thing is, cars are valuable in our society…women are not. I agree, we don’t want to stoop to that level (violence) but that’s the only level we have to play on. That’s the level we live on. That’s the level we have been forced to survive on. And females are TAUGHT NOT TO BE VIOLENT SO WE DON’T FIGHT BACK. We make easier prey that way. And wear 6″ heels so you can’t run. So yeah, I could watch a guy bleed out and not think about it twice. They don’t think about the women who commit suicide after being raped, or the diseases they spread or the 15,000 reported pregnancies they force on women each YEAR. (those are just the reported ones). They walk away, but women deal with it for the rest of their lives and, as you said, so do their families and friends. RAPISTS DESTROY LIVES. If you get AIDS or a deadly disease they are committing murder.

      No one likes to talk about this. Why do you think we’ve been taught that it’s not lady like or polite? It’s so we don’t get together and fight back. That polite kind of thinking can get us killed. Men don’t like to talk about this. It’s unpleasant, ugly but they are the ones doing it. I don’t know what men tell themselves they are doing, or what excuses them make up for themselves but they are disgusting killers of innocence, spirit, joy, TRUST, hope and even life itself. I despise them for what they do. I don’t care what their problems are I want them gone.

  7. Let me add something…use your cellphone camera if you are being followed. I use the Cloud. Someone can take my phone, destroy it, but that won’t destroy the license number, the vehicle color or the surrounding area…and GPS will pick up the closest cell tower location. Granted, it’s not a bat, or a gun, but it is no less a weapon of great value.

  8. My partner used to work as a civilian employee of the Los Angeles Police Department. She actually heard the cops say there’s no such thing as rape.

  9. You’re right. This can happen to anyone and for anyone to place blame on the victim is absolutely absurd and hurtful. Should a woman wear proper clothing in public? Yes, but for the sake of her own self-respect (in my opinion). Not so that she can avoid getting raped. No matter what she wears, it’s not her fault. It is the rapist’s fault for his/her inability to control themselves and their hormones. Their lack of control is solely on them, and that blame should never be placed on the victim.

    • I agree but I don’t think it’s always an issue of control. Many rapists don’t care. They don’t see what they do as a problem. They think that’s what women are for. Guys on college campuses make a night of it (they say they target freshmen because they don’t know what’s going on) They drug her and rape her while conscious or unconscious, doesn’t matter to them. One after another. They they leave her in the room until she wakes up and leaves. Not about control and all about what they want to do.

      • You’re right. Unfortunately that’s exactly what some men think about women. To them, our one and only purpose in this life is to satisfy their needs. That’s disgusting to me. Then they wonder why we have such an issue with men. Really? Should that really be a question? There are some good men out there. I’m married to one, but they are few and far between.

  10. Well said. We are prey to a lot of them. Meaningless and there for their use. Unless we are protected by other males we are fair game. And our children are always at risk as well. My husband was also an angel and I always felt extremely lucky to have him He was perfect.

    The more women get ahead, school, work, etc., the more violent men seem to become. As I said, college campuses are so dangerous. Colleges are under investigation for hushing up all the rapes so they can keep getting money and students because if parent knew how many women were raped they wouldn’t send their daughters to that college. Horrifying. Nothing is done to the rapists. Women on campus are starting to have protest marches to bring what’s happening out into the open, to get help. One woman, in a co-ed dorm was raped on her way back from the bathroom by someone in her dorm. Another war raped at a party and the school official asked her what she was wearing, why she was there, what she was drinking, what she did to make it happen. No questions about why he did it and what he was wearing, drinking and not getting punished. The school hushed the whole thing up. Didn’t tell her what her rights were and they are also under investigation. While all the investigating is going on women are still being raped.

    In everyday life, no woman is safe anywhere. We go around and live but we are never free…we are prisoners, kept in jail by the constant and never ending threat of violence.

  11. Bling I have a female neighbor she carries a bat not a huge one but no one messes with her. I really love this post Bling! I have been wanting to read this! I love all the responses. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💫✨⭐️🌟

    • Yes Peter said to carry a small one. I think the responses are outstanding. People don’t like to think or talk about this subject so it’s hidden in shadows. That way nothing is done about it. I think we need to be loud and shout about it so they can’t hide what they do and pretend that it is not a MAJOR horror in life. I’m glad you like it Bling.

  12. I’m very sad to know that there’s still the need to talk about all these things about women. It means that we don’t live in a good world. Me myself I tell every day that the society wgere I live is insane and is against women. I’m tired to see that women are murdered and abused. I live in Italy and here is a tragedy every day.

    • I understand how you feel. Nothing changes. Things get worse and men can do whatever they like. If they murder a woman, they’re out in no time. If a woman, who has been beaten for years, defends herself and kills him because he’s going to kill her. She gets life in prison with no parole. Just to show women they can’t do anything to men and get away with it. We do not live in a good world for women and men don’t care at all.

      • Yes it’s in this way. Here Justice is not good. Many crazy men kill mothers and children. There are many years I try to tell women to beware of dangerous men but these men don’t show rhemselves soon but only later, when all is going worse. And at least they kill and they are not judged in the right way. It is truly absurd that in a modern society there is no way to keep them away and cure them and avoid these murders.

      • It’s horrifying. The imbalance of power between males and females is destroying all of us. I’m so learn to about what’s happening by you. It’s everywhere. Men just kill us.

      • Here in Italy arrived Incel thought and many guys now are united and want to destroy girls and women because they say that women search only for money and don’t want love. There are many groups online, in Telegram, on Facebook and in all social, where they attack women and want to submit them. It’a a very dangerous thing.

      • Men are dangerous and they make problems, then blame others (women) for them. Women are underpaid and men often leave them and don’t pay child support then say women want money, for whatever reason. The thing is. I don’t think there’s anything women can do, that will make men stop beating and killing them. It’s just what they WANT to do, it has nothing to do with anything women do. Men falsely believe that women SHOULD love them and that they DESERVE to be loved. They’re wrong and wen they find out someone doest want them they kill her.

        Girls need to be taught to fight. Karate, all of the self defense arts, so they at least have a chance. Until women get power, they will continue to be brutalized and killed.

      • I agree with your words and ideas. Girls should learn defense art, martial arts and always be prepared to the worst. They should avoid meetibg app and Love apps where many predators stay waiting to rape them.

      • Definitely need to stay off line, it can be very dangerous. Too many men are predators and we can’t tell which one’s are good and which ones aren’t.

      • I never use app and I suggest all eomen not to do it. But many teens use instagram and tik tok and telegram and don’t know they are the best target for these predators.

      • I agree. Those things are very dangerous, especially for teenagers who are kind of new to the world and don’t understand a lot of things, even though they think they do.

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